There are many facts about sleep that most of us probably won't know until now.
1. According to researchers among all living things, humans are the only one's who can control their sleep voluntarily. It means that they can stay awake according to their will, but staying awake for too much long time can damage health. A research tells us that staying awake for two weeks straight can cause death.
2. A healthy body will find no difficulty in sleep while a person who is ill or unhealthy will find it difficult to sleep. People who do labor or exercise on daily basis ,sleep easily because their bodies are so tired that they sleep instantly.
3. People who are having issues in their relationships, conflicts with their families, having arguments at workplace are more prone to sleep disorders. Similarly the change of environment or neighborhood can also cause difficulty in sleep.
4. A very common sleep disorder through which many people go through is insomnia. It is a disorder in which a person faces difficulty to sleep in the night. It can result in bad behavior towards other people, staying angry most of the time and in most cases fights at home.
5. Sleeplessness can result to a weak immunity system. People who do not sleep properly are more likely to get ill and get heart diseases.
6. As we get older our duration of sleep starts to decrease. When we were babies we sleep around 15 to 16 hours a day but as we get older our sleep duration limits to 8 or 9 hours.
7. There are different phases of sleep. In the early phase we are more likely to awake just by a slight disturbance because our body is not in deep sleep. As we enter deep sleep we start to have dreams. This phase is also known as REM sleep.
8. Our diet can affect us very much the way we sleep. Those persons who consume caffeine in a major quantity on daily basis in the form of chocolate, coffee or tea have more difficulty to sleep as compared to those who don't consume it in large amounts. The reason is because caffeine is a chemical that can make a person attentive and more active, it speeds up the blood flow and adrenaline is pumped in the whole body which can cause sleepless nights.
9. It has been estimated according to the (NY daily news) that almost 9 million people of US use sleeping pills to overcome their sleep issues. Similarly about 1.8 million population of UK is using sleeping pills.
10. People who face work shifts consistently have difficulty in sleeping because there is not a proper schedule for them having sleep. It keeps on changing and it causes problems.
11. Heavy smoking also leads to sleepiness because cigarettes contain many chemicals and one of them is nicotine. It also has the same effect as that of caffeine.
12. On average a person spends about 35% of his lifetime while sleeping.

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