There are many e-commerce sites, which are using shopping cart to sale the products and services.

There are three main types of shopping cart programs available in the market to start e-commerce or online store. The merchant services shopping carts permit you to process credit card transactions. It is possible to perform e-commerce operation over a secure connection. The hosted shopping cart is very much useful for the small and medium business with not having enough resources to buy and customize a fully integrated shopping cart for their needs.

The purpose of accepting credit card is to secure authorization on your credit card at the point of purchase online. The software tracks the customer browsing and has selected all the items and/or services they want to purchase then they go to the checkout area. There are more than 130 shopping cart available in the market.

Here is the brief view of certain shopping cart software:

1. X–Cart's browser–based software. It’s provide in different sections like Management, Administration, Affiliates, Your profile, Help, and Authentication.

2. Shopsite Pro provides solution according to the e–commerce needs. Shopsite new features include navigation in most attractive prices.

3. Merchandizer Pro has good ability in credit card processing, provides flexible shipping options, and even points the merchant to marketing options while making the website secure.

4. Monster Commerce Pro is a web-based program so there is no installation require.

5. StoreFront is a Design-Tool’s e-commerce shopping cart. It is very simple to use, and provide great customization of your website.

6. Mercantec Softcart is server-based software so it is very customize to use.

7. FreeMerchant Gold good reporting features. It produces sales and product reports as per your requirement.

8. GoEmerchant is quick and easiest way to setup the e–commerce site up.

9. Miva a server-based software and a web-based program so need not to bother for installation.

10. 1ShoppingCart has specialization in shipping and tax configuration capabilities.

11. VP-ASP is completely a web-based program so there is no installation require.

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