Lasik surgery is very popular and beneficial. However, it is becoming harder to select a Lasik center and surgeon that is the best.

Lasik advertisements are everywhere and it is hard for a patient to choose a center from the many available given the fact that the costs too vary greatly.

Since Lasik surgery affects your vision it is important to choose the right surgeon and clinic. The Lasik center, team, and doctor should be dedicated and provide quality treatment.

Here are a few tips :

1. First and foremost read about Lasik surgery and ensure that you know what it entails and whether it will be beneficial for you. Read about the surgery from well known sites and not from advertorials.

2. Ask your family doctor all about Lasik surgery and also talk to a few people who have undergone the procedure.

3. Make a check list for yourself on the aspects you need to consider before selecting a Lasik surgeon and center.

4. Get a thorough medical examination done and determine whether or not you are an eligible candidate for Lasik surgery.

5. Do not select a surgeon because he has a fancy office or brochure. Do background check and find out how long he has been practicing Lasik surgery and where he qualified as a doctor from. Ask about his qualifications as well as medical affiliations and never take anything at face value check out facts by yourself.

6. Choose a surgeon who does the examination himself and pays attention to details of health and so on. Avoid a surgeon who leaves check ups to assistants and who rarely undertakes to do the Lasik surgery himself. Pre and post operative evaluation must be undertaken by the qualified surgeon himself.

7. Ensure your personal safety by asking whether the surgeon will be available in case of any emergencies after the procedure.

8. Make sure that the Lasik center itself is state-of-art and that the laser machinery is the latest available. Find out whether the Custom Lasik wave Scan is used as it gives accurate and safe results.

9. Be sure to determine the enhancement rate of the center; this is the percentage of time the Lasik surgery has to be repeated to eliminate lingering prescription that causes blurring.

10. Never get taken in by claims of 100% success rate or low costs. Find out how long the center has been in operation and ask for verifiable references. Be sure to determine the center's safety rate.

11. Choose a surgeon and Lasik center based on efficacy and not any other parameters like cost, closeness to home and so on.

Lasik is a safe procedure with several advantages provided if it is done by a trained and experienced surgeon.

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