Preparing for your big day? Great! Congratulations and wish you all the best for your life’s new journey!
Wedding is a time when you want everything to be perfect — whether it’s large or small, simple or luxuriant, crafty or themed — everything just perfect as it’s the most important event in your life.

You may have tons of innovative ideas in your mind for things like — location, theme, flowers, favors, and many more. But have you thought about a wedding logo to make that day even more special? Yes, a wedding logo! Logos are not just for businesses. Sometimes they celebrate the most important day in two people’s lives; that is their wedding day. These days, couples have started realizing that a logo can bring a personal and cohesive touch to their wedding.
A wedding logo is a unique symbol of your wedding day and your new married life. It’s a great way to combine together with your wedding decorations and keepsakes such as invitations, presents, and photo albums. Wedding logos are a combination of names or initials of names stylishly with some additional design elements. Just recall the wedding invitation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The logo was unique and encapsulated the royal wedding mood.

A typical pattern of wedding logo is the use of initials of the couple’s name on a light-colored background. The style looks elegant and sophisticated but has been overdone. So, how to add little passion to the pattern while keeping it traditional? It may look a small thing, but it can make a big difference in the logo. Even if you want to stick to the traditional pattern, you can give your wedding logo a distinctive look by adding a few elements to your design. Follow the below mention wedding logo design ideas and make your big day unique and special:

Geometric Logo:
If you two love birds are an artsy couple of your squad and have a serious eye for design, then go for Geometric shape logo design. In this type, the arrangements of letters are made in such a way that they take up the space of any geometrical shape. They are often surrounded by a border or placed on a solid background of the shape, but there are instances when letters are confined and left uncontained.

Rustic Logo:
The objective with rustic logos is not the perfect placement. Letters are laid out loosely without a firm baseline, and their strokes evoke flaws and whims. The basic idea is to showcase the initials hand-made rather than pixel-perfect. Rustic logos work well, especially for travel, nature and DIY brands.

Vintage Logo:
Tradition and timeliness are some of the most common themes that we see in the nuptial knot, irrespective of the geographical locations. And this is the best way to capture with a vintage style. Not only the vintage aesthetics have been valued for a long back, but they also give a sense of durability, similar to a happy and successful wedding. You can see this approach being used in logos for venues that host weddings. If you rent high-class decorations to weddings or have a stunning, long-lasting venue, let customers know you have been around with the vintage design.
Minimal Logo:
There are people who love simplicity so much that even for the big day they want to keep things simple and subtle. If you are one of them, then go for a minimal logo. Minimalism is a new approach that involves removing the superfluous elements and making art in its simplest form. Here, the motive is not to make things simple or plain but to highlight the hidden, unadorned beauty of an art form without any superfluous elements.
Calligraphic Logo:
There is no better way to show friendliness than crafting a hand-made and personal design. Custom calligraphy and hand-lettering have been an old wedding design staple. Calligraphy works well especially for hand-made businesses such as cake making. Communicate our personal dedication to add a unique touch. Or consider it for your own wedding logo if you own the business of hand-made wedding products.

Illustrated Logo:
Illustrations are a perfect way to use design to tell a story—in the case of a wedding, two beautiful couples who have come together hoping to share together a bright future. If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding or if you run a business aiming to help the couples in sharing their love story with their loved ones, then go for an illustrated logo.
Ornamental Logo:
Decoration, celebration, extravagance, everything you expect to see on weddings, comes under the ornamental line art. So it’s not surprising that this style is a wedding design staple for a long time. Its usual combination with weddings makes it aesthetically appealing; that can work for businesses like flower decoration, wedding planning, and for monograms as well.

Photography Logo: The logo design of wedding photographers should reflect their portfolio so that the excited couples should get a clear idea what to expect from the photographer. Here are the popular characteristics of wedding photography logo that have been used by some of the finest pros in the market:

Sophisticated embellishments
Gold Inflections
Intertwined ring icon
Bride & Groom icon
Script Typography
Heart icons

Modern Logo:
Giving your wedding logo a modern design may not be your first thought as it lacks the classic sans-serif fonts. But this style is perfect if you want to build a strong and recognizable brand. The sans-serif fonts stripped-down palettes; and bold colors communicate that business is an advanced and innovative way—exactly what couples keep seeking. The modern design will give your wedding business a sleek and elegant look.
Bridal Boutique Logo:
Every bride dreams of the day she walks down the aisle, dressed up in a magnificent dress trailing across the floor, drawing gasps and awe from the guests. Keeping this in mind, bridal boutiques are going out of the way to offer brides to be fairy-tale like, pocket-friendly and glamorous ensembles. Apart from designing gorgeous dresses, they are carefully working on their logo designs to help the brides (looking for a particular style) in finding them. While designing the bride salon logo, here are a few key points of elegant logo:
Hitched in Pink
A vintage affair
A bridal diva icon

Using Designhill to whip out ‘I Do’ inducing Wedding logos: While it is sometimes hyped that expensive custom-made logos allows wedding companies to be as creative as possible. A logo maker is undoubtedly unique in terms of time, cost, and assurance of trouble-free navigation. Designhill’s logo maker tool allows you to create a striking and unique wedding logo design and that too without spending a hefty amount of money.

Be it a logo design for your wedding photography business, wedding planning business, wedding boutique or wedding invites — whatever the need may be, Designhill is at your disposal.

The final words

Everyone dreams high when it comes to the wedding. After all, it’s the most important event in one’s life. Having a perfect wedding—from beautiful dresses to stunning decorations to photography, everything has to be just flawless. Logos are an important design element to make the day more special and memorable. It is a symbol of the togetherness of two loving hearts. It has to be festive and fresh like a wedding cake, well-dressed like a groom and stunning like a bride. Whether you make preparations for your own wedding or run a wedding business, the right logo will help you in communicating your style. So choose the ones that give you butterflies!

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