The results – and hence we refer to the fashion trends of Spring 2020 – there.

In the new York Fashion Week, designers presented daring and optimistic collections covering all of the underwear garments. Despite the growing trend towards seeing-now-buy-now (as in what is seen on the track being readily available for purchase), most of the pieces are seen on the runway of Spring 2020, which means it will not deliver before the next Kick-off year. If you want ideas to take in the near future, you can turn to the street style. But the detail delay will not stop the smartest style people to incorporate mandarins, butter yolks, and green pistachio in their lockers as soon as possible.

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So they are attached to their Tevas: from the colors that everyone will bring for six months to the obligatory floral print, here are trends Spring 2020 trend that you need to know directly from NYC parades.

The winter 2019 proved to be a season of contrasts. In one corner, the designers pay homage to the not-so-restrained luxury of the French bourgeoisie.

On the other hand, the punk spirit feels in the air, laughing conventions and inspiring the silhouettes of a rebellious woman.You can check latest Women Wear on our Store as well.Visit Latest Women Wear Online!

But these two opposing influences have a common denominator: they celebrate today's women, they create an impossible ideal for what should be. These are the trends that define the fashion landscape in the Fall/winter 2019-2020.

After more conceptual trendy seasons, come back to the stylishly styled code based on trendy capsules on the catwalk for the Fall/winter week in the way 2019-2020. Think again in the late seventies and early 1980s with exquisite bourgeois silhouettes with a Kum-culota skirt, jackets, very pleated pants, dresses and cloaks... The key is to create looks consistent with exact abbreviations.

Enter a striking silhouette that indicates that its owner is rebellious and inspired, sculpting his way with nails, squares, androgynous design and all the gimmicks of punk, grunge and slavery, for a fresh and separate Renaissance style that defies tired of the Convention.

For those who want to stay modern, be decidedly classic, the return of the coat is the answer, an elegant (and comfortable), plus informal looks and nightwear.


The neon trend has illuminated the catwalks this week of fashion, inspired by the rave culture of 1980 and even nuclear apocalypse, as shown in the Marina de Serre – The bold color of the blockade is no headache. It's a blatant call for attention and reaction: "What do I want?" Impactful people who make them think, "Eve Saint Laurent said to Vogue in 1971 after presenting his famous collection of scandal.

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