eCommerce conversion optimization

Ecommerce conversion is the response rate, at which the audience reacts, visits your online work or business or buys your product online. The eCommerce conversion rate is determined by a percentage (%) method. For example, if 100000 users visit your eCommerce site in the month of June out of which 15000 people purchase your product, so the percentage of 100000/15000 is 15%. So, your eCommerce conversion rate is 15%.

Measurement is an important aspect of your conversion rate if your rate is more, that means that the traffic on your site is more relevant and vice-versa.

What is a good eCommerce conversion rate?

The average conversion rate which is good for an eCommerce site is 3.83% for a desktop; 2.03% for mobiles and 3.84% for tablets. The conversion rate of your eCommerce site imposes the progress of your business.

What is eCommerce conversion optimization?

Ecommerce conversion optimization is a set of steps or rules that you need to follow to enhance your business conversion rate and gain more traffic on your website. Ecommerce conversion optimization will boost up your audience rate, bringing more profit for the company.

Is ecommerce conversion optimization important?

Yes, the eCommerce conversion rate is very important for a business, especially for an online portal or organization. It helps you increase your audience instantly bringing in more traffic and spreading your business to a large mass throughout the globe. A lot of things more than profit can be achieved, such as customer loyalty, company awareness in society, etc.

How will you achieve eCommerce conversion optimization?

Here are 11 actionable and easy to use ways through which intensify and rise up your optimization rate by gaining huge traffic in less time.

1) Update your website:

Keep updating your websites with a new feature from time to time, and design a structure through which customers can easily find their desired products without any issues. Customers usually like using things which are easy to use. Therefore, a simple yet elegant website will definitely attract more customers. But keep in mind the website structure should not only be easy but logical at the same time. About how to update your website.

2) Use better quality images:

Quality should always be the first priority and hence, images and videos of high dimension quality must be used. Cheap and low quality images of the products instantly lose the attention and interest of the customers. The quality should be so good that even if we zoom in the image to its max, it should still appear clear.

3) Offers and Sales:

This is one of the best eCommerce conversion optimization steps which you can use because customers are largely attracted to discounts and sales. The offer should be created strategically to make customers feel that they are getting a great deal but is also not affecting our company’s profit scale. Some of the offers which can be used are:
50% sale
Buy one get one free
Free shipping
Free product, only shipping price
Gain points with every purchase, etc.
Along with this, you can also have,
Limited edition sale
Offer for only first 10 or 20 customers, etc.
This type of activity appeals to the customers, making them buy more and more products from your site.

4) Optimization for all types of devices:

eCommerce conversion optimization

Your website should be designed in such a way that it is convenient to use on any device like a tablet, desktop or mobile. Remember, the average eCommerce conversion rate for the tablet is more than that for a desktop. The number of people shopping on mobile is increasing drastically so you should keep that in mind and make sure that your site is responsive and optimized for mobile and tablets as much as it is for a desktop. The case should also not be where you only focus on mobile devices and not on tablet or desktop; you should equally focus on all the devices.

5) Description of the product:

eCommerce conversion optimization

The description of the product plays a very important role while purchasing the product. All features, size, colour, price, etc., should be mentioned with the product. Also, the description should be valid and in simple words and not high tech English, which cannot be understood by most of the people. If your description is not proper, then people will not buy the product.

6) Website speed:

eCommerce conversion optimization

Users are very impatient especially if they are shopping online, so your website should not make the users wait for a long time or else they will exit immediately, an average person only waits for 10 seconds and then exits immediately. Hence, the speed of your website should be fast, and the products should not take more time to load. You can refer to the below-mentioned sites for improving your website speed:

7) Plan PPC Advertising :

You can advertise your site, product or a specific offer; advertising has always been beneficial for any business online or offline, the more people see your name popped up on their device more they will tend to click on it. This definitely increases traffic on your website and your conversion rate.

8) Customer reviews:

eCommerce conversion optimization

Allow customers to review your product; people believe what other people say so even if one person appreciates your product, the other person will desire to buy it. You can also give reviewers for some discount or bonus points.

9) Good pricing:

The pricing of the product must be valid and logical; the pricing should be based upon your targeted audience, poor people may not buy products that have high end prices and higher class people may not buy cheap products, so the pricing needs to be decided accordingly. The price should neither be too less that the company faces loss nor too high that no one buys products. Therefore, prices should be decided carefully.

10) Live chat option:

Live chat option can excite the customer as they can chat and buy the products at the same time; live chat can help the customers to find their desired products, discounts, rates, etc. You can also have 24x7 customer service. Find the best Live Chat Software for your business.

11) Payment methods:

Make sure you have a variety of payment options on your site so that the customer can choose the payment method of his/her choice. Payment methods such as:
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Plastic money (debit cards, credit cards, etc.)
Other portals (Pay TM, Google Pay, etc.)


With this help of this eCommerce conversion optimisation guide you can make your store perfect which shoppers love to buy products from. Use of right techniques and design aesthetics, ease of use, clear site navigation, quick and relevant search function, good quality images, easy to understand product information, faster and secure checkout, live chat support and a well-designed retargetting campaign can make a huge difference.

A small improvement in your conversation rate can save a considerable amount of money on your ad spend. Implementing these items one at a time can be helpful for you to understand the impact of a particular optimization activity. Hire Magento developer for Full or Part-time basis. The Axis Web Art is a Top-rated IT Company based in India serving global clients for 9+ years.

Do you have any other thing which helped you in optimising conversion rate for your store? Please do share with us in the comment box below.

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