Cloud computing is a term that has been gaining momentum over the internet for some time now. Cloud computing is an alternative to the traditional form of computing where you have to download software on a physical computer or server. Cloud computing allows you to run applications over the internet as against physical computers or servers. More and more top app development companies in India are adopting cloud computing services. This is because of the tremendous benefits that cloud computing offers as against the traditional form of computation. Below are eleven of the most popular benefits of cloud computing in android development companies;

1. It affords flexibility:

As a business grows there are likely chances of its bandwidth demands to expand, or in some cases fall. Cloud computing allows for easy scaling up or down of bandwidth. It gives businesses tremendous flexibility as compared to the traditional form of computing that would have required purchase of new servers or new bigger computers.

2. It allows for specialization:

I.T is not everyone's strong suit. Some people are excellent lawyer, bankers, doctors etc, but they are exceptionally bad at IT. In cases where some of these professionals in other fields have tried to dabble into I.T, they end up making a mess of things. Therefore, it is more cost-effective and efficient to outsource your I.T services to a reputable cloud service provider. That way, you can focus solely on what you know how to do best and yet your IT service is properly handled.

3. It is cost effective:

Compared to the traditional form of computing where app developers in India have to spend a tremendous amount on purchase of servers and other hardware, cloud computing cuts out these costs. With cloud computing, you pay as you use and can subscribe to small monthly payments. This is particularly beneficial to small-scale businesses, as the reduction of their operational cost can help save money which can then be used for other important aspects of the business.

4. It allows access from anywhere in the world:

Cloud computing allows app developers in India to have access to their business applications and data from anywhere in the world, as long they are connected to the internet. This further increases business flexibility as you don't have to go around carrying your laptop or external hard drive. You can work from anywhere in the world at any time. This is apt for digital nomads and for businesses that have offices in different parts of the country.

5. It gives access to the most efficient employees:

When you employ a cloud service provider to handle your IT needs, you will be having access to the most efficient technology staff, without them being on your payroll. This way, small-scale businesses can indirectly employ the most experienced IT personnel. This will tremendously improve the capacity of your business and a small business will be able to compete effectively with a large scale organization.

6. It allows for automatic updates:

Cloud computing really takes the headache off app developers in India. Your cloud service provider helps to handle all your software update, this way you won't be needing to worry about how to maintain the system or bother yourself with security updates. All of that will be handled for you, giving you ample time to focus on your building your business.

7. It allows businesses to stay competitive:

I.T is about the most dynamic niche in the world, each day new milestones are reached and advancements are recorded. Businesses that require significant technology investment to stay competitive will find it difficult to respond to these ever-changing behavior of the industry. This is because to respond accordingly, capital, time and money are required, which most small businesses may not be able to afford. Cloud service helps to take away this barrier, allowing businesses to be able to respond to changes in the industry and adapt their technology according to the prevailing needs of the society. All of these without the attendant costs that should normally have come with such movement.

8. It allows a greater security of data:

Accidents and theft happen all the time, some of which may lead to the loss of our computers. The lost of a computer may be great but not as much as the data stored in the computer. The data may be worth billions of dollars. Cloud computing takes away the possibility of this happening, this is because all your data are stored in the cloud and app developers in India can access it at any time regardless of what happens to their computer. So when your computer gets lost or damaged you can rest easy knowing your information is safe. Also, cloud computing allows for remote wiping of data from a computer in the event it was lost or stolen.

9. It gives small businesses edge to compete with larger counterpart:

With cloud service, small businesses have access to the type of technology that was initially available only to large corporations. This encourages small-scale businesses to grow faster and competes favorably with large-scale organizations. This allows for a more competitive marketplace, big businesses will be forced to tighten their shoelaces and deliver quality service, knowing full well that small businesses now have access to the very same technology that sets them apart and hence can equally deliver these services.

10. It facilitates greater workplace collaboration:

In the workplace, there is always a need for collaboration among employees. In most cases, the office environment is designed in a manner that allows employees to work together effectively. The greater the collaboration, the faster the results are delivered and the better the quality of the result itself. Cloud computing allows for greater collaboration among app developers in India. Team members can work together on the same project regardless of where they are located or the time of the day. Members can make updates in real time and enjoy full visibility of their collaboration.

11. It provides greater storage capacity:

Another major benefit and reason app developers in India are adopting cloud computing is because of the storage capacity that it affords. Each day, new documents, prototypes, presentations are created, and these files occupy space. Over time the storage requirement for these files expand to gigantic level. It is not efficient to continue sacrificing server space in order to save these files. With cloud computing you don't have to worry about storage space, as there will always be adequate space for storage of files.

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