The tenth house is related to career, a profession in modern times but actually, it sheds a light on karma. At times we mix up these two things and end up in a mess. Karma is the activity which is done intentionally and without any pressure but with conscious mind. Though that means that our profession is actually a tiny little stuff that we will be looking for when it comes to 10th house.

Some government jobs are like service to common man in one way or the other which must be seen from 6th house as it indicates the serving or helping others or trying to heal others.

10th house reveals the authority that an individual might be able to again if other combinations are also present in the horoscope. Karaka planet of 10th house are Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn usually denotes the ability and humility with which we serve others. Sun is like a ruler who takes the command but his decisions are dependent on the advice of his ministers which are ruled by Jupiter and mercury who is the prince should coordinate well with these three stature of people because he is the one who will be taking over the charge of the kingdom but he needs to have that humbleness and listening skills as well as decision making skills. If these planets are supportive to ketu then the person can have some kind of government job which will be somewhat reclusive in nature or where yoga or alternative healing or research or spiritual or jobs related to animals, jobs related to pharmaceutical or poison or hacking or place where work is done behind the scenes.

There can be many other professions depending on what aspects a planet have or how well is the depositor is placed or in which nakshatra it is placed.

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