Motorcycles are what everyone desires. If you are considering buying a used motorcycle you will need to be savvy so that you do not get taken for a ride. Not all used motorcycles are equal. So before you pay make sure the bike you are buying is the best in its category.

Used motorcycles can be bought from family and friends, online stores, dealers, classifieds in newspapers and more. While buying a known motorcycle is your best option sometimes you may need to buy from unknown sources. Do your research well. Surf the internet and read articles and tips on bikes and what to look for when buying a motorbike. Visit a few dealers and online motorbike websites to see what is on sale in the used motorbike category. In case you are nervy take the help of an auto professional. Find out what the price is for used motorbikes this will give you an idea of brands and price range.

Before you decide on the bike consider:

1. Making a thorough inspection. Check for damage and scratches as well as bends and repair signs.

2. Study the different motorbike models and know what inherent flaws are.

3. Ask whether the bike has been raced and how many owners it has had.

4. Check the lines of the bike and the brake and clutch for smooth operation.

5. Rev the engine and listen to what it has to say. If you are tone deaf take along a biker friend.

6. Check the bike for signs of rust and paint flaking.

7. Check the wheel and tires for wear and tear.

8. Study the service records carefully.

9. Ask pertinent questions to know how the bike has been used and whether the owner takes pride in his bike. Judge whether the owner is being honest about the bikes accident free status and performance.

10. An owner who loves his bike will talk about it clearly and try and judge whether you will care for his old friend. Always make sure no modifications were done and that the service and maintenance were done by an authorized dealer with genuine parts.

Never buy the first bike you see. Buying a bike is like looking for an ever elusive pearl. Take your time and you will get a bike that will give trouble free rides. Always ask for a test ride and go through the papers to check there are no insurance or loan amounts pending. Read through sites like where in depth articles are given for buyers of second hand motorbikes.

Study the bike not once but twice or even thrice before making a decision. Make sure you feel comfortable when seated on the bike. Motorbikes are like horses the owner and the motorbike must both feel as though they are one entity.

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