Do you know how to cope with stress in your life?

Since stress will be with you for the rest of your life, it is important to have effective ways to diffuse the negative effects of stress. These need not be expensive or complicated and need to suit your way of life...

One very important way to cope with stress in your life is to stay aware of your stress triggers - we are all different.

Here are my tips for coping with stress. See what appeals to you and enjoy making your own stress relief program.

1. Take deep breaths. Focusing on your breath takes your mind off the stress trigger for a moment and relaxes you. Breathing calms you and sends more oxygen into your system.

2. Make time to practise relaxation techniques.. Don't wait for stress to hit you, but rather start the day calm and in control. Do breathing exercises for ten minutes before you start your day and you set the tone.

3. Talk to a friend or counsellor about specific problems that feel too big for you to manage. A problem shared is truly a problem halved.

4. Pray or read something inspirational - whatever makes you feel more in tune with your spiritual side and reminds you of your worth.

5. Watch your thoughts and make a habit of catching those dark clouds and replacing them with something positive.

6. Compliment yourself on your achievements. Stress is often caused by feelings of inadequacy. Remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments.

7. Use visualization as a daily practice to set in motion what you want to happen. Being in control goes a long way to a stressless life.

8. Don't dwell on your weaknesses. We all have things that are difficult to do or to cope with - they trigger stress. But we don't need to make them the focus of our attention. You will be what you think about.

9. Have a good laugh. Humor and stress relief go hand in hand... Read more about the benefits of laughing at

10. Keep moving. The benefits of exercise for stress relief are many. Make a point of some daily exercise.

It is easier to be aware of when a stressful situation arises, take steps to deal with it calmly and then move on than to try and get rid of the negative effects of stress in your body...

So start with a deep breath put a smile on your face and know that you can do anything that you put your heart to.

Author's Bio: 

Margo Bastos is passionate about holistic healing and natural stress-free living. Her abiding interest, continuing personal research and every-day philosophy is in alternative mind, body and spiritual modalities.

She has a real estate business in South Africa and her formal qualifications include a MA in Jewish Studies from the University of Cape Town.
Together with Alan Mounter, a practising holistic therapist, she has a website dealing with natural remedies for managing the negative effects of stress. Visit at