Yesterday, you could donate and save one life. Today, you don’t even have to donate to save hundreds of lives and positively impact thousands of people online. We’ve put the power of peacemaking in your hands. For the first time in history you can directly help fix global problems! You won't wait for governments, or hope the next election will bring leaders who'll take more positive healing actions.

Create & spread peace yourself, today, right from your computer. Please join me in impacting the lives of thousands with just a few clicks of your mouse. Help create a more beautiful and peaceful world working side-by-side with some of the world's top peace-makers.

The mission of 10 Million Clicks For Peace is to help create world peace through personal empowerment. We provide tools that allow anyone with an Internet connection to help fix global problems. Every life we touch will be made better by the peace education materials we provide, for free, while providing shelter, food, medicine and much needed hope for the world’s forgotten 21 million war refugees.

We give financial support to humanitarian organizations like Mercy Corps, Women for Women International, Refugee International and International Rescue Committee, and, to peace education organizations such as the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence, Happiness Clubs and the Prison Books Program.

The free, patent-pending software turns any computer or cell phone into a “Peace Machine”. You can actually measure the good you’re doing to create global peace with simple 5-minute actions that multiply on their own as you go on with your life.

This powerful combination will deliver you and your family a more meaningful, abundant, and happier life, while creating a more peaceful world for countless others. And while you'll soon see the effects of your peace-making on your Personal Peace Impact Meter™, your instant and most touching reward is knowing you're healing lives and giving hope.

On the way to your Personal Peace Impact Meter, you'll see a page about how the donations, collected by 10 Million Clicks For Peace, are used to assist war refugees recover from the devastating effects of war, and how funds are also used for peace education to prevent future wars and violence to keep our children (and future generations) safe from those tragedies.

You're under no obligation to donate, but do listen to the audio message and help us send out kind thoughts and prayers to these distressed people. (Building a field of compassion into your daily life is a powerful method for creating peace.)

10 Million Clicks For Peace

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