Romance fills our thoughts, our dreams, the movies we watch, and the songs we listen to. And why not? Romance is the very essence of life. It is the celebration love.

Typically, we expect romance to come from a partner, a lover, or a significant other. Wanting to love and be loved is fundamental to our nature. Yet, when we don't have that special someone in our lives, the absence of romance can leave us feeling dull. And sometimes, even when we do have a significant other, we still sometimes sense that lack luster feeling of detachment and emptiness.

What exactly is romance? Everyone has their own specific definition of romance, but we can agree that romance means to have affection, to provide an interest in your own contributions, and to feel passion and strong feelings.

“Romancing Yourself” happens when you take life into your own hands – when you get to know yourself, spending time with your likes and your joys. When you romance yourself, you do the things that nourish and bring out your inner radiance. You place attention on the details that are important and meaningful. And you delight in your senses, opening up to how wonderful things smell, taste, look, and feel. Romance is the little things – showing yourself that you care.

Ten Ideas to Romancing Yourself
Get to know, and appreciate, all of who you are! Below are ten ideas to rekindle your love affair with yourself!

1. Take yourself on your ideal date. What have you always wanted to be asked out to do? Here's a secret: You don't have to wait to be asked. Go ahead; splurge. You're spending an evening with the most special person you'll ever be blessed to meet: yourself.

2. Treat yourself to that special restaurant, the one with the flower filled outdoor patio. Read your favorite book by the table's candlelight, occasionally pausing to look up at the starry night sky.

3. Take yourself out to a four star movie. Buy a big tub of popcorn. Laugh uproariously.

4. Listen to Mozart on a breezy summer afternoon. Let your eyes tear and your imagination wander.

5. Spend a Sunday afternoon in the park. Watch the kids play Frisbee, and be sure to walk barefoot in the cool grass.

6. Keep a journal. Write down random thoughts, snippets of poetry, or your dreams. Draw a portrait of the person who always sits across from you on the bus ride to work.

7. Spend an afternoon at the art museum. Melt into the paintings. Visit the natural history museum. Be a tyrannosaur. Hungrily devour the humans walking oh so quietly through the museum halls.

8. Treat yourself to a massage once a month, or once a week. Feel how good it is to be at home in your body.

9. Play with Legos and colored pencils ¯ creativity is good for the soul.

10. Sit quietly in your room early in the morning. Breathe roundly and listen to the sound of the dawn. Know your beauty in silence.

“Romancing Yourself” is all about nurturing your own beautiful, sensual connection with life. It’s about being in tune with who you are, and taking action to do the things that add spice to your life. When you romance yourself you feel more alive and more filled with love. So, go ahead. Love yourself. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself well. Romance yourself and let life romance you in return.

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