How can we help and support someone who is grieving? Here are ten tips:

1. Call weekly, twice weekly, daily, or weekends, whichever is appropriate. Try to do it at the same time of day. If you call at 6 p.m. (as an example) daily, weekly, or whenever, they know when you will be calling and have something to look forward to. Once you've established a routine, throw in a surprise call and see how that is received. Maybe the person who is grieving appreciates surprises. You'll have to experiment.

2. Present new ways to work through loss

3. When you feel they are ready, take them to a funny movie or present them with a gift of several funny videos

4. When you feel they are ready, introduce them to a new hobby and make an appointment to be with them to help them weekly until they have caught on to the thrill of it

5. If appropriate, take a craft that they might be able to complete in a short amount of time

6. Email with excellent web sites you have found that may help them

7. If they are receptive, take them out of their element of comfort. Let them know there is a whole world out there. Take them shopping, out for a meal, or over to mutual friend's house for coffee. Maybe even surprise them with several friends meeting them to let them know they are cared for and wished well.

8. Take them to a nursing home or day care center where there is a need they might be able to fill

9. Take them grocery shopping and shopping for necessities. Either do this yourself, or line up some of her friends to do this weekly

10. Pray for them every day, and in your heart and mind see them coming through this tragedy in the shortest amount of time possible

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