Power failure is something homes and businesses have to think about. To prevent loss people use stand by power sources such as generators. Places like hospitals and meat processing houses need uninterrupted power supply to ensure smooth functioning of systems.

Generators produce electricity by using propane, natural gas, gasoline, or diesel to generate power. Before purchasing a generator it is essential to compute power needs. It is important to know the voltage required to keep things running smoothly. Generators depending on the specifications can cost between USD 400 -40000. Generators can be bought retail, wholesale, or online.

The World Wide Web has become a thriving market for all human needs and there are websites that showcase and sell power generators online:

1. Compute your power needs accurately and then decide what kind of generator you will need.

2. Surf the internet and short list 2-3 online generator sellers. Use only reputed sellers who have been in the business for a long time and have no complaints registered with the better business bureau.

3. View their online catalogues and get quotes from at least three sellers. Comparison shopping will help you compare features as well as costs.

4. When buying a new, refurbished, or used generator always choose to buy from reputed manufacturers of power generators.

5. Once you have decided on the generator you wish to purchase request an onsite inspection. This is essential and incase the site is too far away request an independent authority to carry out the inspection on your behalf. Check condition of generator, general maintenance such as greased bearings and clean machinery etc.

6. Read through the offer document as well as warranty document carefully. Find out whether you are getting a long-term warranty or short –term.

7. Determine the maintenance needs of the machinery and ask about on-site maintenance.

8. Ensure that you or your staff get a complete understanding on how to run the generator and maintain it.

9. Before paying online ask about return policy and shipping costs. Check whether the machinery has transit insurance.

10. Pay through safe payment gateways only. Check for the safe pay stamp.

Buying a generator as stand by power is the easy part the more difficult aspect that requires dedication is to ensure that the generator gives long years of trouble free service. Set up a schedule and start up the generator periodically even when there are no power outages. Ensure that the parts are well maintained. Install the generator in a safe place and get an electrical professional to do the connections. The generator should be placed in a dry accessible spot. And stock up on the fuel the generator needs.

Always follow safety rules and you will never be without power.

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