Once you have found the perfect apartment and executed all the paper work you can now move in and enjoy the place.

Moving can be an intimidating process and it is quite hard to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. Check with the apartment super whether the elevator can be used during the move and whether the apartment has any rules.

The key to success is to be organized and plan your move. Here are a few tips:

1. Decide on when you want to move and make a moving plan. The plan should include details like what will be moved, who will do the packing, and the mover you will use.

2. Make a list for things you need to do. Make sure you inform banks, the post office, the school, gym, library, family and friends.

3. An important job is to contact utility companies and make arrangements to turn on the electricity, phone, and water supply. Also contact cable TV and internet providers.

4. Study the apartment plan carefully. Note down the size of the rooms and the size of the furniture you will place in it. Evaluate shelf space and closet space in the apartment, this will help you decide on how many books, curios, linen, kitchenware, and clothing you can accommodate comfortably.

5. Spend time in your old home and sort your belongings into: things that are absolutely essential and can be stored in the apartment comfortably; those that you cannot bear to part with and so must be stored; and ones that can be sold or given away. Consider storing what you will not use in your rental home in readily available storage units located close to the apartment.

6. Begin packing at least six weeks before the day you plan to move. First pack carefully all things you do not plan to take with you and then the rest. Label each box carefully and make entries on an inventory table. Use linen and clothing to buffer delicate and breakable items. If your furniture or decorative items are very valuable consider taking moving insurance for more than what the moving company offers. Pack room wise and tape things like screws and bolts in plastic sealed envelopes to the furniture itself.

7. Select a suitable mover. Find one that has expertise in apartment moving. Insist on a watertight contract. In case you own a piano find a mover who has expertise in moving pianos. Antiques too need special movers.

8. If you plan on doing the moving using a u-haul then invite friends over to help shift the boxes. Hire a u-haul of convenient size and find out what rules regarding moving are.

9. Plan on moving on a holiday or during off peak hours. Check whether all your moving documents are in good order.

10. Before closing up your old home make sure the utilities are all turned off and all windows and doors are safely fastened. Similarly, make sure essentials like light, water, and heat or air conditioning are turned on and working in your new apartment. Have a picnic meal on day one.

The easy way to settle in is to unpack the boxes containing kitchen and bedroom items first followed by the rest. Moving can be done without distress and affordably if done patiently and systematically.

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