It is springtime and that means we will start with spring-cleaning and that includes your vehicles.
This is a great time of the year to get it shining and bright so the sun does not do any damage to your finish.

For this job, you will want to wash your vehicle, shine the bumpers and put a good coat of paste wax on your vehicle. Then it is time to do the interior and get rid of all of the winter dust and grime that has accumulated in every corner (and usually the hard to reach spots are the worst) and clean the upholstery.
These hand tips and hints will make that job easier for you to accomplish the job.

1. Use a paint brush, to get in all of those hard to reach spots to get the dust collection out of the corners and a vacuum to eliminate it completely.

2. Do you have spots that are hard to get the vacuum cleaner nozzle into? Then use your vacuum as a blower and blow the debris into an area that is easier to vacuum.

3. To remove dirt and residue from the mats simply brush with a stiff brush while following with a vacuum cleaner and then wash as usual. Applying a coat of armor-all will also help when you have to remove grime the next time, it will coat the surface and corners enough that it will brush off easier.

4. To remove gum and other sticky stuff, simply heat some vinegar, to the degree that it is as hot as your hands can stand it. Apply to the residue, let sit until cool and rub off. Continue until all of the 'sticky' is gone and then wipe again with a clean cloth.

5. Wipe the buckle side of the seat belt with WD-40 and wipe dry. This will help keep the buckle maintenance free and in good working condition, as well as remove dust and grime inside of the mechanism.

6. If you are a smoker, wash out the ashtray with baking soda and water. It will eliminate the odor that penetrates the plastic insert.

7. Remove the trunk liner and vacuum and wash this area as well, items that are spilled will eventually mold under this carpet. It is a place that we don't often think of cleaning and can hold a lot of bacteria that will pulminate to the interior of the vehicle.

8. Don't forget to look up! Clean the top of the interior as well as the bottom. Rinsing with a solution of baking soda and water will help to deodorize your vehicle.

9. Use a tennis ball or an eraser to remove scuff marks from the interior of door bottoms. It works great, is easy on the hands and elbows and will improve the looks of your vehicle.

10. Spray on a good fabric protector after washing the upholstery, especially if you have children in the vehicle. It will save on the fabric and be easier to clean-up stains.
Always make sure to check you manufacturer's book for other tips and hints.

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