1. Throw out anything with an expired date and all perishables over one year old. Even toothpaste expires; the expiration date is on the crimp of the tube.

2. Attach a long magnet behind the door of your medicine cabinet to cleverly and neatly hold tweezers, clippers and other metal gadgets.

3. If counter space is tight, consider installing a shelf by the sink to hold toiletries that you use every day, such as powders, sprays and creams.

4. Hang a hook on the side of the shelf or on the wall to hold your hairdryer. Tie a knot in the hairdryer cord and hang it on the hook to keep your appliance handy and off the counter. You can also hang your curling iron on the same hook.

5. Use a small plastic 3 drawer bin under the bathroom sink. Sort like with like and label each drawer with generic headings: for instance, mouth, eyes, hair.

6. If you don’t need or have room under the sink for two sets of 3drawer bins, buy a plastic shoe box to contain your tall bottles of shampoo, rinse and soap. This should fit perfectly on the pipe side of the cabinet.

7. No bathroom should be without a shower caddy. The basic wire style hangs below the showerhead. Whatever variety you choose, buy one that is large enough to neatly hold the daily supply of shampoos, soaps, shaving crèmes and lotions.

8. Invest in a fog free mirror with a shelf to hold the razor and shave crème. Install this shelf against the back wall of the shower.

9. Keep your makeup in one contained area. A tray will keep items from cluttering the entire counter and also expedite the cleaning process. Small vases on the same tray can hold makeup brushes and eye pencils.

10. If you have an unreasonably large collection of lipsticks, nail polish or perfume, pare it down. Get rid of old colors and the excess that you will never use. Any amount over what you will use in a year should go.

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