Gaming is a part of modern life. Research shows that children young and old game for between 13 and 30 hours a week. It is near to impossible to keep children away from computer or video gaming.

When you cannot beat the system it is best to join it in a “safe” way. Parents can educate themselves on the varied aspects of video gaming by reading articles and tips on the World Wide Web. They can with knowledge make every effort to ensure that their kids receive a rounded upbringing.

Here are a few guidelines to help:

1. Always befriend your children and know the games they play. Study guidelines given by the Entertainment Software Board and lead the recommendations and appropriate guidelines given on the content label of games.

2. Store in your computer as a favorite and keep abreat of game reviews and ratings.

3. Network with other parents as well as school and Y teachers. Share information and observations on kids and gaming.

4. Have an open relationship with the child or children and promote a friendship and comfort level so that the child shares its experiences and fears.

5. Be an observant parent and note any behavioral changes shown by the child.

6. Be an informed and cautious buyer and question claims made by gaming companies. Feel free to voice your opinion if you feel any game has objectionable content.

7. Give your child a rounded upbringing and introduce many activities you can enjoy together like sports, hikes, sailing and so on. Outdoor activities benefit children and help limit computer time.

8. Ensure that the child grows up to be confident, understanding, curious, and a happy child. Keep a watch for unwarranted secrecy, aggression, or violence.

9. Use gaming to maximize your child’s interest and choose games that need strategies and decisions. Minimize games that are violent and just involve shooting, destruction, and attacks.

10. When you refuse to buy a game, explain to the child why and make them understand why you discourage playing certain games.

Gaming can be beneficial and introduce technology, problem solving, logic and spatial as well as motor skills. Games are known to heal too! Parents need to understand the pros and cons of gaming and allow children to play games that are beneficial.

Be wise and limit time of playing video games. Encourage children to play in groups. Make time to play the games with the children. Understand the games and use the rating system as a guideline when purchasing a video game. Discourage children to borrow games from peers. If they do then encourage them to share with you what they have borrowed. Always make the effort of knowing what the children are playing with.

The gaming industry cares about Genx and so has put into place testing systems and advisory systems to protect children from the detrimental effects of gaming. Use the internet to educate yourself on video and computer gaming and learn how to protect your children.

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