The World Wide Web is a huge marketplace for sports goods, contact lenses, eyeglasses, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and other needs. There are many websites dedicated exclusively to eyeglasses and provide a huge range of choices at the most affordable rates. Most websites stock popular brands as well as designer frames. According to experts in eyeglasses popular brands are: Anne Klein, Brooks Brothers, candies, Dolce Gabbaba, Emporio Armani, Nautica eyeglasses, Perry Ellis, and ralp Lauren among others.

If you are sensible you can order eyeglasses online without any problems:

1. Use the internet search engine to locate an eyeglasses website that suits your needs. Spend time browsing through several websites and compare their offerings.

2. Choose a reputed website and make sure they are well known for their fair business practices.

3. Browse through the eyeglasses on offer and get quotes for the pairs you like from at least two or three different eyeglasses online vendors.

4. Read up on eyeglasses and popular brands and determine what the pros and cons of each kind of eyeglasses are.

5. Before you order a air get the bare essentials ready such as your prescription and credit card.

6. Always find out what your frame size is. Look at your current glasses and note down details such as: Model number; color; eye size and bridge size; and temple length. If the information is not visible go to a local optical store and find out details.

7. Get a copy of your prescription. Send it to the eyeglasses website by email. Alternately many websites will request you for your doctor’s name and contact details so that they can get in touch with the doctor directly.

8. Have your PD measurement taken. This is the pupil distance.

9. Use the website’s frame finder option to make sure you like the look of the frame you have selected online. All you need to do is upload your photo and virtually try on the thousands of frames online.

10. Once you are sure then select the frame and pay for the eyeglasses using secure payment gateways.

Always check about shipping costs, return policy, eyeglasses care, and so on. Once the eyeglasses arrive take them to your eye doctor and get the number checked. Or if you are sure of the number then wear the eyeglasses for a few hours and test their comfort level.

In case you feel any discomfort or eye irritation please contact the website and your eye doctor immediately. Also get a full eye exam by an ophthalmologist at least once if not twice a year. Check with your insurance policy whether an eye exam is covered. Never use an old prescription year after year. Take care of your eyes and they will care for you.

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