Among all experts and others who create lists at the end of the year, the most valued is the consumer. CNNMoney has based their “best car” selection based on consumer reports.

1. Honda Fit costs USD 14,000-16,000 and is the leader in the fuel efficient cars category. The Fit was the winner in reliability, crash protection, and satisfaction.

2. The Honda Civic, costs around USD 20,000 and in its range it has smooth running, great interiors, and the best handling.

3. The Honda Accord, costs USD 20,000 -30,000, has excellent balance of comfort, roominess, ride, and handling.

4. Infiniti G35, costs 35,000 -39,000, is fast, agile, steers well, is reliable and a great car.

5. Infiniti M35, costs USD 42,000- 45,000 and according to consumer ratings it earns the highest scored in the sedan category, comfortable, and drives well in any circumstances.

6. Toyota Rav4, costs USD 23,000- 27,000 the engine gives good performance, has fuel economy, and offers reliable crash protection.

7. Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Costs over USD 30,000, is a leader but being redesigned in 2008.

8. Minivan Toyota Sienna, costs USD 26,000- 28,000, has a powerful engine, is quite, comfortable, and refined.

9. Green Car Toyota Prius, costs USD 23,000, has interiors that are roomy, and is a great favorite.

10. Mazda Mx-5 Miata, costs USD 21,000- USD 27,000, has superior handling, pin-point steering, and more.

When vehicles are rated they need to match stringent norms. To become a “top” auto a vehicle must score the highest in its category, have great reliability, and pass smoothly government and insurance institute crash tests. Consumer reports tests over 75 cars each year to determine which ones stand up to hard driving habits.

Aspects considered are: technology, safety, reliability, and more. Consumer reports has since 1936 been the trusted source for information on products. They are known for their objectivity and accuracy and have high standards.

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