Every business uses vehicles to transport personnel as well as goods. If a vehicle is used for business purposes then personal vehicle insurance will not cover the vehicle or people in it; you need commercial auto insurance.

Any vehicle big or small owned by the business and driven by employer or employees needs commercial auto insurance coverage.

Commercial auto insurance covers the vehicle and protects the business. One policy can be purchased to cover all vehicles used in the business. And any insurance company or agent will study your specific needs and tailor a policy for you.

1. When buying commercial auto insurance study the policy and ensure that it covers: property damage, bodily injury, uninsured motorcycle riders or motorists who may get involved in an accident, medical cover, collision, cargo, and more. The coverage should be comprehensive.

2. Ask about limits covered by the commercial auto insurance policy. In general a commercial auto insurance policy has set limits which cover property damage, bodily injury , uninsured motorists, medical, collision, cargo and so on. Liability coverage will just cover court penalties and attorney's fees the rest will have to be borne by you. If you opt for an umbrella policy then it will cover expenses once your commercial vehicle insurance limit is reached. It covers high risk.

3. Choose your coverage such that it covers all your specific needs. Study your needs carefully and ask for a commercial auto insurance policy that takes care of your specific needs.

4. Attempt to reduce the premiums by ensuring that all who use the vehicles have a clean driving record. Follow the rules of vehicle maintenance and ensure that all employees and you take defensive driving courses. The internet has many articles and tips on how to reduce premiums. Follow the rules and you will get maximum benefits.

5. Find out whether the insurance company offers discounts if a policy is bought online or if you pay the premium in full once a year. There are many schemes which can help you save money.

6. Know what your rights are. Find out about clauses like Diminished value compensation.

7. Check for hidden costs in the policy like extra fees. Ask upfront what the costs are and find out online what a similar policy will cost you. Very often policies bought online cost less as the company cuts down on office expenses and various overheads.

8. Check the policy for multiple auto discount, multiple line discounts, accident free discounts, and anti-theft discounts. If you learn how to read between the lines or go armed with knowledge about commercial auto insurance you will reap the many benefits.

9. Get quotes both offline and online. Ask the insurance company who has covered your health and home whether they offer commercial auto insurance. Many companies offer better rates to clients who buy multiple policies from them.

10. Ask your tax advisor whether commercial auto insurance costs are eligible for discounts as business expenses.

The World Wide Web has several directories for commercial auto insurance where buyers can get multiple quotes from leading insurance companies.

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