Winter season has its own perks with the trend of not leaving your blanket until it’s too late, drinking hot chocolate, sipping coffee and then buying gifts for the upcoming festive of Christmas. But along with all these mood uplifting tricks and merriment, we should also consider
Taking care of your skin especially in the winter days is very important because during the winter days our skin tends to become dry and hence moisturizing it is necessary. Since the winter season has already arrived the time to wrap yourself within the blanket and being late in the morning is usual for everyone. It’s the best season to watch your favorite series along with sipping coffee with your favorite person or a book, isn’t it?
The cells of our skin tend to dry up which is basically due to less humidity and gives an unwanted whitish effect which looks very unattractive. It makes our skin look pale and lusterless
So, here are some Winter Skin Care Tips on how to take care of your skin on the winter days.

Drink plenty of water-

As I mentioned earlier the winter air has comparatively less humid and hence the skin gets dehydrated.
In order to maintain the glow of the skin and also for the proper functioning of the body, you should keep yourself hydrated.
This avoids dry and chapped skin

Night cream

You can use night cream throughout the year but it is more important in the winter nights because our skin cells need more regeneration during the winter.

And this extra moisture through this night cream can really trigger the regeneration and make your skin healthy and better.
If you don’t use night cream, you can replace it with essential oil
But you should choose it wisely taking note of what are you allergic to
Mostly they are available for all types of skin and due to its antioxidant properties, it keeps your skin healthy.


In winter the dead cells need to be sloughed off or else the moisturizer will not enter in the skin. So, to remove this plenty of dead cells you should use an exfoliating mask.
Baking soda which is the main content of the exfoliating mask gently removes the dead cells.
After using it always put moisturizer on your skin as it makes the skin even smoother.
You can also make an exfoliating mask in the home by different ingredients such as baking soda, honey Vitamin E oil, cinnamon and milk.

Change your cleanser

They are extremely drying to the skin.

So, if you don’t have an option to stop using it at least switch to a better product that does not have a sinister effect on your skin.
Use cleansers that are more hydrating and also contains mainly moisturizing ingredients.
And after cleansing always use a hydrating toner and a moisturizer otherwise the skin will dehydrate.

Apply sunscreen

It might sound a bit odd that why we emphasize applying sunscreen in the winter days, isn’t it?
Well even in the cold dreary days of winter the UV rays can penetrate the clouds and still cause damage to your skin.
So, before you go outside always apply a moisturizing, broad spectrum of SPF 20 or even higher than that to all exposed parts of your body.

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