Thanks to the Internet it is possible to watch movies online for free in Spanish and also Spanish sub without paying a premium account from Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video or Blim. If you are one of the people who search Google for terms such as "watch series  online free " " pages to watch movies online ", " premieres online ", " series online ", " free series in ", " watch movies online ", among other keywords, surely you have been taken to websites of doubtful origin or that force you to register with an account on social networks. If you got tired of that, then you can see the best free movies online to enjoy without problems, without interruptions, and without advertising to turn your house into a cinema.

In some cases, these pages to watch movies online may include some advertising, but the ads are not invasive unlike what happens in the illegal ones, so pay attention and point out that the good cinephile experience - or seriéfila - is fully guaranteed in these websites. If you don't have the Netflix codes at hand or your connection does not allow you to download free movies online, learn how to watch horror movies, comedies, classics, and even teen movies in the easiest way with just a few clicks. Even premiere movies you can find in some cases. Can you find where to watch 3D movies online? That is perhaps a little more difficult.

Most of these websites to watch free movies are easily accessible and registration is not necessary. Of course, some include advertising before the reproduction of the chosen title, although this is almost imperceptible.


Retrovision is a public domain page with an extensive catalog of classic movies, where the user can filter films by genre, that is, comedy, drama, horror, adventure, among others. Although not all movies are of high quality, it includes a solid collection of classic television shows.


Crackle is a multi-platform video streaming service from Sony Networks with a rotating catalog of online movies and series. To access them for free you just need to create an account. However, the ads can get tired. The service has stopped being free for Latin America since 2017.


This page is free and free of ads, but to register you need a card from a local library or library card. Kanopy was originally founded in 2008 in Australia as an educational tool and now puts at your disposal more than 30,000 movies through its partnerships with more than 200 public libraries.


Tubi TV is a platform where you can watch commercial movies for free and legal. Its catalog includes films from producers such as MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, among many others. To access this website it is not necessary to create an account and you can filter the contents by their rating on Rotte Tomatoes.


Popcornflix is owned by Screen Media Ventures, an independent distributor that makes available a catalog of independent films and that distributor. It is currently one of the most popular in the United States, with a catalog that also includes television series. One of the negative points of this website is that it restricts some titles depending on the geographical location, although you can avoid these obstacles with VPN access.


Cinépata is an ONLINE cinema archive that allows you to access a vast catalog of independent and Latin American short, long and documentary films. In addition, it offers articles on independent and commercial premieres.


Viewster is a free platform that includes movies, series, anime, and web series. To access the streaming service you do not need to register, although it may restrict some content depending on your geographic location.


In addition to an interesting movie catalog, Pluto TV offers a free live TV broadcast service. This website has nine live movie channels, including two general-purpose movie channels and the rest focuses on specific categories.


Vimeo has a clean design without advertising and invites you to be part of a community of active users from which a large number of original shorts and feature films escape. It also has a section in which users can buy full movies and TV shows. Although most are independent, some offers are also produced by major studios.


Internet Archive is a digital library that hosts films and documentaries in the public domain or Creative Commons license type or others that allow free distribution. In video material alone it has more than 1 million files, from movies to matters of news interest.

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