1. Sign up and Run on. There are countless local walks, runs, marathons, etc. that benefit a charitable cause and give you a reason to train. With that specific date in mind, you have something specific to work towards, which will motivate you to get to the gym or jog outside.

2. Drag a friend along. Chances are you have a friend who also needs motivation to workout. Why not make it a social event and go together? You'll have plenty to chatter about and you'll find that working out seems more fun than ever. Neither of you will want to give up first so you'll constantly be encouraging each other.

3. Do what you love. You most likely enjoy some sort of physical activity...a particular sport? a dance class? There's nothing wrong with sticking to what you know and love. If you're keeping active and enjoying it, there's no need to force yourself to hit the gym.

4. Run fitness class try-outs. If you have the ability to choose from a variety of classes, it's a good idea to give them all a try. Many people have preconceived notions of fitness classes, such as yoga, and leave feeling better than ever, becoming Yogis almost instantly. Try swimming, Pilates, jogging, aerobics; you may just find your passion and the one thing that makes you look forward to fitness.

5. Live on the edge. There are so many fitness options out there; some are downright crazy, but are proven to provide results and are guaranteed to be fun. Try a fitness pole dancing class or a swimming aerobics group, you may just release your inner temptress and enjoy it!

6. Be a control-freak. If you're a list-maker and a schedule keeper, this may be the solution for you. Creating a detailed timeline of exercise classes and personal goals will keep you motivated and on-track. If you allot a specific time for exercise in your schedule, you'll feel forced to attend a class or make time for a jog. It's as easy as breaking the excuse of having 'no time'.

7. Give yourself an A+. This may seem childish but it's a proven tool for dieters looking to achieve particular goals. Reward yourself for good behaviour, keep track of how far you can run or how much weight you've lost, reaching a milestone should be celebrated. For example, if you run 5 miles without stopping for the first time, allow yourself a shopping trip or a massage, whatever you know you'll forward to.

8. Keep it short and sweet. If you keep telling yourself that exercise takes too much time and you can't stand the repetition, reduce the time you spend exercising. It's recommended that 30 minutes a day is allotted to physical activity. If you keep it constant each day, you'll only need 30 minutes to accomplish your fitness routine. If you keep pushing it back, you'll end up taking a bigger chunk out of your day, rather than keeping it consistent and getting it out of the way.

9. Be the instigator. Instead of planning a day of shopping with your friends, plan a big basketball or volleyball tournament. Make it fun with team names and competitive components, people will love the change of routine and it may just become a weekly thing! You can also sign up for a local intramural team with a big group, that way locations and competitors are pre-organized.

10. Read up. Staying informed in recent studies and new exercise trends will get you that much more involved in the fitness world. You'll become a know-it-all at the gym and with your friends. Sign up for fitness newsletters and visit online blogs. This way fitness will become a part of your life in a way that doesn't involve sweat! It's also a great way to become inspired.

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Christine Jefferson is the founder of 1 on1 Diets, a website which offers tips and facts on dieting, and specializes in providing independent diet pill reviews and ratings.