Your Google ad must be attractive
You want to improve your Google Ad Words CTR then this is the first thing that you must make sure. I know it may sound like a simple one but this where many people win the game and many lost. Keep this in mind that if you want to improve your Google Ad Words CTR then make sure that your ad is attractive and good looking because no one will click on a bad looking ad and people will only do one thing with that which is they will ignore it. Make it attractive and make sure the colours you choose must compliment your pictures and everything. Small mistakes can become a huge disadvantage for you.

Include social proof to your Google ads
If you want to improve your Google Ad Words CTR then add social proof to your Google ads. When you will add Social proof to your ads you will be able to attract more and more people and you will improve your Google ads CTR but will also able to seal a lot of deals.
You can give Social Proof by using Social Proof Tools. These tools are trending right now and are the best that will help your business in every possible way. A lot of people are using Social Proof tools to attract audiences to their website. Social Proof plays an important role in the sales of the product.
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Add a countdown to your ads
Want to improve your Google Ad Words CTR than add the countdown to your Google ad so that it can create a sense of urgency and people when people will see it they will have no choice but to click at your ad because they fill have a fear of missing out which is a common thing in human nature. People will surely react to that.

Show your special offer in your headline
A headline is the first place people will see when they will come across to your Google ad. So make sure that you something attracting to it which will make them hard to ignore and also will force them to click on that ad. That attractive thing that you can show in your headline can be your special offer. Don’t wait that you will put that important thing later just tell it as soon as possible because that will help you in improving your Google Ad Words CTR.

Increase your quality score
The quality score gives your Google ad’s keywords score from zero to ten. With the help of this quality score, Google can predict your ad’s CTR and this score depends on your marketing. If you want to improve your Google Ad Words CTR then make sure that you not only improve but also increase your quality score because the ads with high-quality score will get the top position in the search results and it is obvious that your ad then will get more CTR.

Use the ad extension
If you want to improve your CTR then make sure that you use the best ad extension. There are around ten different ad extension and if you aren’t using them then what are you doing. Using ad extension will help you in improving the CTR because it will make your ad look more relevant and will increase the size of your ads.

Use keywords in the headline and body of your ad
The keywords that people type in the search engine appear differently in the search results. Make sure that you add keywords to your headline and also to the body of your ad because people will click the ad which includes the keywords.

Test your ads
Before officially running your ads make sure that you are testing them. Test your ad with different layouts and with different keywords so that you can gain information like what is working for you and what is not and once you have the information you have the power. With the information, you can make changes if needed and then you will certainly improve your Google Ad Words CTR.

Add the price of your product to your ad
If you are generating the ad for a specific product then make sure that you add the price of that product to your ad. When a customer will see that he/she will become more curious and to get more information they will surely click on that ad.

Include CTAs and attractive objectives
If you want to improve your Google Ad Words CTR then make sure that you are adding call to actions to your ads. You can also improve your Google Ad Words CTR by adding attractive adjectives to your ads.

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