Brisk walking is the easiest and simple exercise that you can do to remain fit. However, it should not be underestimated by its simplicity as it can provide a large number of advantages.

There are a variety of benefits that walking brings you such as

Makes you lose weight: Good news for those who do not have time to spend on Gym to get their calorie burning! Just a 45 minute of daily brisk walk would do just the same for you. To lose one pound of weight, you need to burn 500 calories, and 45 minutes morning walks can help you burn 150 calories every day. So, you can lose 9 pounds of your weight in just one month of walking.

Reduces Stress: If you are highly stressed or under depression, do not resort to pills but just take a walk. Walk till you start to sweat and your brain will start to release chemicals that will cure your anxiety and stress. This is the most natural treatment you can have to release your stress without having to worry about the side effects.

Boosts Energy: In today’s busy world, most people get up in the morning, feeling weary as they wake up at the last hour, only to rush to their offices with lost energies. From now, kick-start your day by replacing this last hour sleep with the morning walk and your blood circulation would improve to make you feel fresh and healthy before start your day.

Treats Depression: Walking helps you deal with depression as it increases blood circulation and oxygen supply in your body. It can regulate blood pressure and control cholesterol levels. Morning walk can also distract you from worries, release “feel-good “hormones, and gives a person a sense of control.

Makes your Skin Glow: With improvement in the blood circulation, walking gives your skin a natural glow. Proper circulation of blood also reduces chances of getting pimples and acnes. There cannot be any better way to keep you from getting old age wrinkles and keep you looking more beautiful than morning walk.

Gets you a Toned Body: Morning brisk walk is an exercise for your body that work directly on your muscles, keeping your legs, buttocks, calves, ABS, tummy, and quads in shape. A 30 minutes of daily brisk walking is recommended to get a toned body.

Lowers Blood Pressure: Increase in blood pressure beyond limits can cause serious cardiovascular problems. Studies have proved that with a stable blood pressure, probability of heart strokes can be reduced by 40%.

Boosts Immunity: A 20 minutes morning walks every day can improve your blood circulation, enhance oxygen supply in the body, and strengthen your immunity system so you can fight with various illnesses and diseases.

Improves Lungs Capacity: Brisk walking is an activity which makes your body demand more oxygen, which makes your lungs pump extra oxygen thereby helping you improve their capacity. A daily morning walk of 20 minutes can make your lungs work properly and improve the fitness and health of your body.

Improves Brain Functioning: Function of the brain is largely affected by the supply of blood and oxygen it gets. As walking can take care of both, its functioning is improved by the exercise. Walking has also been provided to prevent cognitive degeneration reducing its chances up to 70%.
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