There are many reasons to travel whether it's to get away and relax, see something you've never seen before, or to check out the hustle and bustle of a thriving city. These top ten vacation destinations cover all of that and more!

* New York City-Check out the most populous city in the United States and all it has to offer. From Ellis Island to the Empire State building, it's easy to recreate a top ten list of things you should see just in New York City.

* Grand Canyon- It's a vast canyon in Arizona that has withstood the test of time to reveal an incredibly interesting landscape. It's one of the wonders of the world and should be on everyone's must-see list

* Niagra Falls- The power of water can be seen at Niagra Falls which falls between Lake Erie in the United States and Lake Ontario in Canada. It is also listed on many must-see lists and for good reason.

* Fjords in Norway- The incredible beauty of the fjords is enough of a reason to visit, but they are also geographically important because they were carved by glaciers. Seeing something that was created only by time is an amazing experience and Norway has some of the best fjords in the world.

* Swiss Alps-The Swiss Alps are also a wonder of the world and show the amazing ability of the earth to transform yet again. They are some of the highest and most beautiful mountains in Europe and you can enjoy them by visiting the small towns throughout the Alps that have been secluded for hundreds of years. Step back in time surrounded by a stunningly beautiful landscape.

* Bazzars in India-Going to the bazzar is an experience you will never forget. Bazzars make bustling cities like New York seem like they are standing still with people bartering for everything from furniture to their next meal. It's a great experience and something everyone should experience.

* Great Wall of China-The Great Wall of China was originally created to protect the northern borders of the Chinese empire from attacks from Nomadic tribes. Now it stands as a testament to how powerful governments could be, even in the 5th century. It's an amazing place and something that should be seen in person.

* Petra, Jordan-Petra is also on the list of the ancient wonders of the world and once again, for good reason. It's an incredibly beautiful ancient city topped by the treasury at Petra, a giant carved entrance-way to the city.

* Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii-Seeing some of earth's natural forces should be on every person's must-see list and after including water, we much include fire as well. There are great helicopter tours where you can see Kilauea actively erupting. How cool!

* Las Vegas, NV-Wrapping up the list, Law Vegas is another bustling city that should be on everyone's list. The Las Vegas strip is something to beyond and it's like an adult's playground.

While each person's list of the top ten items in the world may be different, there is no denying that these ten are something that you should see in your lifetime. It's an amazing testament to what the earth can hold and create.

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Sarah is an avid hiker who enjoy writing on all areas to do with the great outdoors, specifically for those who are retired with a little more time.