1. JET SKIS -This is like riding a motorcycle on the water and your date can ride on the back. Take my word for it; this is the ultimate joy ride while having some great fun on the water. You can rent them for about $20 for a half hour.
2. JOGGING -Do you like to jog? Well, it really doesn't matter. Just take your date to the local jogging trails and I'm sure you will learn to like jogging when you see her cute little ass bouncing in front of you.
3. KITE FLYING -Stop by any toy store and pick up a kite and go on a kite date. Head for your local park, beach, or any wide-open space. Kites are not just for kids. It's a fun experience for all ages and it's kind of romantic. So, get your date and go fly a kite.
4. LIMOUSINE DATE -When you want to tell someone they're special, what better way to do it than with the unexpected. Sending flowers is nice, but sending flowers with a limousine is unforgettable. This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just let someone know they make a difference to you.
5. LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL - This will be a date filled with lots of entertainment and laughter. These little guys are so much fun to watch, especially when they make errors and mistakes.
6. LIVE MUSIC -This will put you and your date in a good mood, especially if the band is good. Check out your area for places that offer live music.
7. MALLS -Take your date to the mall and she will love you for it. They just love to go to shopping malls even if they don't buy anything. They just love to look around and browse.
8. MODEL HOMES -Do you like to look at beautiful homes? This is a fun thing to share. Check out any new subdivisions in your area for model homes. My favorite ones to look at are the mansions. Even if you can't afford one they are still interesting to look at.
9. MOONLIGHT STROLLS -When there's a full moon and clear skies, head for any lake or seashore. It's so romantic to take your shoes off and wade along the shore with the full moon gleaming on the water.
10. MUSEUMS -These are great places to take a date no matter what kind of museum they are. My personal favorite is art museums.

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