How do you select an Engagement Party Function Venue? The minute she says Yes, everything changes for the man and woman. The couple with cherish this memorable occasion for a long time. Once the decision is made, the next ideal step would be to inform the family and friends.

Marriage is not just matrimony of two hearts. It brings families together and builds a beautiful extended family. Engagement is a tradition followed in most cultures, which serves a trailer to the actual wedding. This allows understanding each other and expressing their traditions.

This also offers a platform for the relatives and loved ones to shower their blessing on the new couple. This event could be smaller than the wedding. The bride and groom would invite their closest circle to celebrate the union. The venue for this occasion should contribute to the essence of the event.

It should be of the right size and type for this special day. Here are ten tips on how to select an function venue Melbourne for the engagement party.

Finalise the theme

The theme or concept defines the individuality of every event. This has been the hype of today where organisers identify an idea to meet the host personality. This distinguishes the party from similar events and makes it' a memorable one.

This decision is crucial as the entire planning depends on this entity. You can brainstorm different ideas and interests with the event management team to finalise the theme. This can be further developed into the actual engagement party.

Consider the season and time

Though most function venues Melbourne cater to all seasons, it is crucial to consider the weather as a determining factor. Some venues have an outdoor environment that would be ideal for a summer event.

Some venues have more indoor features making the apt selection for the winter season. It is essential to check multiple venues before making a choice.

The organisers can check well in advance to make the right choice. You can ask the venue management companies to provide photos of previous events to serve as a guide.

Calculate the number of guests

No one desires to attend an event with crammed space. On the other hand, an empty venue also does not reflect well on the host. It is essential to calculate the number of attendees while selecting the place. The key is to always calculate with the higher number in mind. The seating arrangement and food set up should also be taken into consideration during this time.

Think about the commute

The Engagement Party function venue location also plays a vital role in the success of the event. It is important to consider the commute time while making the selection. The venue should be accessible by both private and public transportation.

Hosts can also intimate the guests about the travel constraints in the area to aid them to make necessary preparations. It is important to notify them about the routes and estimated travel times. You can also arrange to pick and drop service to the nearest subway station.

Decide the budget

What is your event budget? As the bride imagines her dream wedding event, this factor brings everyone back to reality. The venue is one of the important items in the checklist.

It is important to finalise a budget and then identify a location in it. This will avoid unnecessary disappointments and stress. There are hundreds of venues near me available for any given price.

It just takes the right amount of research to identify them. It is vital to verify the value-added services offered with space.

Check for parking availability

The comfort of the guests is one of the critical elements in hosting an engagement party. It is important to consider their needs right from the commute, reception, socialising, food, etc.

It is very much possible for organisers to over the parking aspect. It is vital to find a function venue Melbourne with adequate parking space. The host can also make alternative arrangements if space is not available in the place.

Plan the Menu

Love is in the air in the engagement party. The happy couple is oblivious to the world around them. The food should be a reflection of this particular union. The menu can be designed to replicate the love of the bride and the groom.

This innovation plays a crucial role in uplifting the value of the event. It is advisable to select a venue with food options to avoid confusions and stress.

Contemplate the amenities

Do you want to operate a slideshow about the happy couple? Do you want to play romantic songs to mark the occasion? Do you want to control the lights to match the mood?

Leading venue management companies offer these services as a part of the package. It is critical to check these amenities well in advance to avoid hiccups on the day of the event.

Measure the required space

How big is the event venue? How much space is needed to set up the stage and audio visual panel? The list of questions is never-ending, and it can be answered with a tape. The host should personally take the measurements along with the event management company.

Consult with the bride and groom

The family plans the event on behalf of the couple. This is done to give them time to prepare for other essential elements. However, it is vital to discuss these decisions with them.

It is their special day and their opinion matters on the subject. The host can also ask them for a suggestion if they are planning a surprise event.

Marriage is an expensive affair, and it is celebrated as a huge event. The engagement is relatively smaller in all aspects. However, it should communicate the joy and happiness of the union.

It should be economical and yet provide the necessary elements needed for a successful event. It is advisable to check for multiple Engagement Party function venues before making the final decision.

The organisers can also look for smaller spaces or areas to arrange the event. This will enhance the familiarity of the occasion and be accessible on the pocket.

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