Can we make our hostel life awesome? Well, it's not that easy but yes it is not impossible. Yes, you heard it right. With some simple tips and tricks, we can simplify our hostel life and make it effortlessly awesome. Here are 10 of such healthy tips that make hostel life awesome and good.

POSITIVE THINKING- Don't worry, we are definitely not going to brag upon the benefits of positive thinking and all but the objective is to clear the negative concepts that have been set in your minds about hostel life. It's the general mindset that whenever we think of a hostel, the first thought that appears is struggle which ultimately creates negative vibes in your mind and this is the first toxicity that you need to flush out to make your hostel life positive and awesome. Hostel is just not about struggle but also happy moments.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S- These are the people who can make or break your hostel life so you just need to choose wisely, however, you can't do without them in your hostel life. No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, no matter if you are not that friendly or over-friendly, love them or hate them, you simply can't be without them. From sharing notes to sharing gossip, they will simply and effortlessly fill your hostel life with good energies.

JUICE UP YOUR TUMMY- This is a tip that has helped me make my hostel life great and thus sharing it with you. We all are not unaware of the fact that hostel mess's food is cooked by the worst chefs of the century and we without other options munch upon junks as hungry pandas, which ultimately make us sick and we end up picking a worst lifestyle. Switching our choice from roadside junk vendors to a juice stall can save you up. Having juice everyday makes your tummy fuller and fills you up with other great health benefits.

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY- The point is pretty obvious with this proverb perhaps. Yes, you are here for a reason, to achieve something, to score something but when we live at home, we don't realize that our parents put efforts to take us to outings and places to light us up. When we shift to the hostel, we don't realize how important those outings are to keep us stress-free and pack ourselves in a room which leads to stress and can sometimes become the reason for light depression, and thus it is very important to take healthy breaks with friends in hostel life.

PREPARE YOUR SURVIVAL KIT- It may sound horrific as if we are going on an adventure trip and not a hostel but to be specific, hostel life is not less than an adventure trip people. Jokes apart, we don't mean that traditional disaster survival kit by saying it. It's a special survival kit for hostelers to make their hostel life awesome. we are listing some of the must have essentials of that survival kit below:

• A lot of noodles packet, biscuits and without a doubt a large packet of haldiram bhujia.
• A torch or table lamp to get you to survive the rumours of your hostel being haunted.
• Your medic best friends such as dettol, bandage, cough syrup and medicine for fever, allergy, cold and upset stomach.
• A boiling kettle and a large coffee tumbler with a spoon in it.

BIRTHDAY AND FRIENDSHIP DAY CELEBRATIONS- Unless you don't join a hostel, you won't know how important and exciting friendship day could be. For people, it may be just another sunday but for hostelers, it is not less than a festival. Apart from this, the roommates and friends throwing midnight birthday surprises which is never a surprise by the way is filled with a different level of excitement and happiness and being a part of these small celebrations make a hostel life truly awesome.

SAVING MONEY TIPS- So, this is something really awesome about hostel life is you can save a lot of money. Hostel life and hostel friends encourage dutching and it saves a lot of money. You can have pizza by just spending 50 rupees. You don't need to spend thousands on grooming by visiting expensive salons when you can have it in your room by your friends. Apart from these, you can save a lot of money if your roommate/ friend/ girlfriend/ boyfriend can cook well. These hacks make hostel life awesome.

THE STORY TELLING SESSIONS- Not in the mood to study or having a bad day. These sessions can let you get over your worst nightmares. Just gather in a room or dormitory, switch off the lights and light up a candle and identify a good story teller among yourselves and listen to the stories. You can choose the genres accordingly but nothing works better than stories full of ghosts and haunting. If you haven't tried it, try it for once and you will thank us for this tip. These small story telling sessions are not less than a small therapy session and can end a disaster day to a happy ending.

GROUP STUDY AND PRACTICE SESSIONS- Studying in groups lessen the burden and makes study more interesting. It develops a healthy competition among yourselves and will benefit the entire group. Group studies improves practices and ultimately benefits you in your studies and helps you score well with less pressure and stress.

SMALL HABITS MAKE BIG DIFFERENCES- There are no counts on how many times we make routines in our life but never follow. Just like a rule is made to be broken, a routine is made not to be followed but following a certain routine in a disciplined approach makes life better in a hostel. A proper morning and evening ritual is enough to make you survive your hostel life better. Waking up early, freshening up early and quickly, Washing your clothes daily, Setting up alarms for meal timings, folding your clothes as soon as you change are some of the simple habits that are the saviour and make your hostel life good and awesome.

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