One of the biggest concerns I hear from my spiritual business owners is that they're just stretched too thin.

Trying to juggle business, family and your personal and spiritual needs can be a challenge, especially if you're trying to play the role of Super Woman.

Yes ladies, we can HAVE it all, but that doesn't mean we have to DO it all!

The energy of the Divine Feminine is RECEPTIVE in nature.

When you reach out and ask for help, and allow yourself to
receive it, you free up tons of time, space and energy to
focus on high-payoff activities in your business and your life.

Here are 10 areas of your personal life that you can hire someone to help you with today...                        
* Cleaning Your Home or Office
* Lawn Maintenance & Yard Work
* Laundry Service
* Home Repairs
* Vehicle Detailing & Maintenance
* Personal Bill Paying & Bookkeeping
* Running Basic Errands for You
(Post Office, Bank, Grocery Shopping, Etc.)
* Assisting with Child Care
* Pet Sitting or Dog Walking
* Meal Preparation

Coach's Request

Take a look at this list and tally up all the time that you spend each month on these tasks. Then, select one activity that you can let go of right away.

When you do this, it's like depositing money into your time bank. That time can then be spent on the areas of your business or your life that truly need and deserve your attention!

Author's Bio: 

Michele McGrew is a spiritual business coach teaching heart-centered metaphysical practitioners to fill their practices with clients they LOVE.

Blending spirituality and good, solid business skills, Michele helps divine feminine entrepreneurs create abundant businesses so they can increase their impact and their income by marketing their services with integrity! To learn more, go to