hi everyone. in this article,I would like to share 10 study tips that I have used during my years at school that kept me organized and helped me to get good

Tip number 1 one is to - organize

your study area before you even sit down to study you have to make sure you get
everything you need in one place so you don't have an excuse to stand up and
walk around searching for it don't forget the snacks and water

Tip number 2 keep a schedule

get a large calendar and write down due dates of all your tests exams assignments and papers
some people prefer to put notifications in their phone but I find that having an
actual paper calendar in front of your eyes gives you a better sense of time
place a calendar somewhere near your study place that way you're constantly
aware what is UN and for which subject you can also get creative and your
stickers to remind you about upcoming deadlines

Tip number 3 make a study goal

before you sit down to study write down what you want to accomplish during the
study session be specific by doing that you're setting a goal for yourself setting a goal is very
important as subconsciously you would feel that once you reach your study goal you can take a break and reward yourself
if you do not have a study plan you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of
material you have to go through a study goal will help you to feel organized and keep track of time

Tip number four read the textbook

seems obvious but so many people rely just on their lecture notes and skip the
textbook entirely throughout the years of studying I found that the most
effective way to read the textbook goes like this first just read the chapter like you
would a novel do not try to understand the material nor take any notes once you
do that come back to the chapter but this time read it much slower take notes
and try to understand the material and remember no matter how good your lecture
notes are the textbook will always have more information

Tip number five make flashcards

okay so the step is self-explanatory four classes that require a lot of memorization prepare a
stack of flashcards and carry them with you every time you have a free minute
review them it is simple but it does help to remember the material

Tip number six use Pomodoro Technique

study for twenty-five minutes and take five minute
breaks every third break take up to 20 minutes you can set a stopwatch in your
phone to keep track of time

Tip number seven reward yourself

every time you reach your study goal avoid yoursel0f with something small but enjoyable a piece of chocolate a bubble bath or your
favorite TV show decide a new word before you sit down to study so you have
something to look forward to.

Tip number eight

turn off your computer now obviously it is not always possible
to study without a computer but when it is turn it off without the temptation of
Internet you would concentrate so much more on the subject that you're studying

Tip number nine is to switch it up be creative

you don't always have to study at your desk for example you can go over
your lecture notes while taking a bubble bath just put your notes in a clearer
folder so they don't get wet

Tip number 10 remember the big picture

there are many reasons why you would want to get a
good grade it's either to get into an Ivy League school or get a scholarship
whatever your reasons are write them down on a piece of paper and keep them
within your eyesight when you feeling discouraged and motivated and tired it
would help you to remember why you're still studying at 2 a.m. in the morning
or while you're at home cracking math problem

while all of your friends are out partying remember always keep the end
goal in mind this is it for my tips

thank you

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