In the summer, if you go out under the direct sunlight, possibly you will get the sunburns on your skin. Indeed, sunburn is a familiar word to us in the hot weather. Normally, the ugly damages appear on the skin when you go swimming or go picnic under the sun during a long time. On one hand, getting them on the skin really makes you unattractive. They even look terrible when your skin becomes reddish and blistered. But more seriously, the appearance of sunburned parts on the skin can lead to the risk of skin cancer and many other bad results that we cannot measure.

The terrible look when having sunburned skin
Therefore, if you forget to use sunscreen when going out and get your skin burned afterward, just try to find some suitable and safe treatments, especially some homemade remedies to remove them out of your skin. Today, I would like to suggest top 10 popular herbal remedies for removing the damaged skin caused by the summer sun in this post. Hopefully, they can help you somehow to deal with the problem.

1. Vinegar

Not only being the essential spice in the kitchen of every housewife, vinegar can also bring to us the beneficial effects related to beauty care such as exfoliating or whitening skin, eliminating the pimples and detoxing the whole body. Furthermore, with the skin that has been damaged by the sun and the result on it is the ugly sunburned marks, white or apple vinegar is really effective in cooling down and balancing the pH of the skin quickly.
- Use a bowl to contain a mixture of two halves: one is cold water and one is white or apple vinegar.
- Soak a small towel in this mixture and apply the solution on the skin to remove the sunburns.
- After that, leave it on the skin for 5 minutes.
- Repeat the above steps twice or three times at least daily.
The effect of acid lactic in vinegar can help to eliminate the sunburned areas on your skin.
In another way, you can pour some white vinegar or apple vinegar into the bathtub and soak yourself in it for about 10 minutes after having your bath. This action helps you to stimulate the skin areas having sunburns to quickly dry out and remove those ugly spots.

2. Skim Fresh Milk Or Yogurt

Skim milk can help to deal with sunburned skin
With the skin types that only get insignificant effects of sunburn, (normally the parts are only slightly reddish) you can use skim milk or yogurt as a remedy to remove the sunburned damages. It is said that the content of protein in milk can help to cool down the burned skin and milk glaze is very effective in limiting the feeling of harsh hot caused by the marks.
- Mix 250ml skim milk with 1l water and add to this some pieces of ice.
- Apply the mixture on the skin and let it be absorbed deeply from 5 to 10 minutes.
- Repeat the steps every 2 to 4 hours.
In another way, you can use yogurt to treat the sun spots with the similar simple steps:
- Apply a thin layer of yogurt on the spots.
- Gently massage the skin areas and let them absorb the yogurt nutrients effectively for about 15 minutes.
- Repeat the steps every 2 to 4 hours.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is also good for skin care
Baking soda is known as a popular product in the food industry. It is also a necessary ingredient for the housewives who have love with making cakes. Besides, baking soda is also used for beauty care purpose such as whitening the teeth, blurring the scars, eliminating the blackheads, etc.
Relating to skin care, baking soda is well-known for its use of removing the sun damages effectively. It is because this product helps to create the alkaline environment to soothe the skin really fast. In addition, baking soda also has the antiseptic effect so that it can take care of the skin very well.
- Mix a little baking soda with cool water.
- Soak a small piece of cloth into the mixture and apply on the sunburned damages on the skin.
- After that, leave it for 10 minutes.
In case your skin has rashes because of being allergic to the sunlight:
- Add 4 tablespoons of baking soda to vinegar to make up a sticky mixture.
- Apply the mixture on neck, shoulders, face, and some skin areas that have rashes.
- Leave the mixture layer from 1 to 2 hours before washing it clean with cool water.

4. Aloe vera

Another treatment for sun spots on skin is aloe vera
Aloe vera juice has the effect of cooling the body and supporting the digestive system. Meanwhile, the flesh of it can help to get rid of scars and soothe the skin texture. Especially, with the ingredients of amino acid and some inflammatory enzymes, the flesh of aloe vera not only helps to soothe the hot parts on the skin but also stimulate the process of sunburned skin areas regeneration.
- Apply the aloe flesh on the sunburns.
- Gently massage on the skin from 10 to 15 minutes.
- Next, apply another cool layer of sticky aloe vera and leave it for 10 minutes more.
- Wash the skin areas having sunburned marks clean with water.
- Repeat using this remedy several times a week to get a smoother skin and complete the process of sunburns removal quickly.

5. Cucumber

Slices of cucumber help remove sunburns
For a long time, cucumber has been used as a useful remedy to be applied on the facial skin and bring about the wonderful effects such as tightening the skin pores or healing the damages on the skin. Furthermore, another popular use of cucumbers is cooling down the sunburned skin areas, brightening the skin tone and removing the ugly marks for the skin types damaged by the direct sunlight.
- Slice the cucumbers into thin pieces.
- Apply the cucumber slices on the skin areas that have sun spots and leave it for about 10 minutes.
- Peel one cucumber, eliminate the seeds and puree it before filtering to get the water.
- Mix half of a sugar-free yogurt box with the cucumber water got from the previous step.
- Apply the mixture on the skin spots then.
You should repeat doing this during half of a month to help your skin recover totally from damages.

6. White Yolk

Taking white yolk to treat the bad marks on skin
Not only being a popular food in our daily meal, eggs are also familiar as an ingredient for beauty care. Among the well-known effects and related to our topic, indeed, white yolk from eggs can be a useful remedy for caring the damaged skin caused by summer sunlight. Now you no longer have to worry about the sunburns on the skin that can be darkened and fall out. The active enzymes contained in the white yolk of the eggs are very effective in helping remove them out of the skin. Besides, white yolk also helps to soothe the harsh pain caused by sunburn.
- Break an egg and take only the white yolk for the remedy.
- Use a small piece of cotton to soak in the white yolk liquid and apply it on the skin directly.
- Leave it on your skin until it dry out. Then wash clean with fresh water.
If you feel afraid of the fishy smell from the white yolk, just add into the liquid some drops of lemon juice. The bad smell will be reduced remarkably and you can still take care of your own skin and remove the dark sunburns with this remedy effectively.

7. Green tea

Green tea is a traditional remedy used to remove sun damages
Green tea is often known as a favorite and beneficial drink of many people in the summer to reduce the uncomfortable feeling of hot weather. It is proved to have tremendous advantages for health and beauty care. In terms of removing sunburns, this remedy is very helpful as well. You know, the tannic acid had in green tea is an active substance for taking care of skin and eliminating the dead and damaged skin cells quickly. Therefore, if you can make the remedy for sun damages from this ingredient right from home, that would be really good.
- Make a concentrated cup of green tea and leave it to cool down naturally.
- Use this cup of tea to spray or apply it with a small towel on the damaged skin directly.
- Repeat this daily because there is no harm to do it.
You can also take several tea packs to soak in the bathtub for some minutes and have a bath afterward.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is very effective in removing sun damages on the skin
Using oatmeal to help recover the sunburned skin after it is damaged by the sun is the remedy that has been adapted for a very long time. Scientists have found that oatmeal has great effects on anti-inflammation and pain reduction. Therefore, it has positive impacts to remove the sunburns out of the skin. If you are the women who love the outlook of your own, just try this for yourself, why not?
You can choose either one from two following ways to adapt this remedy for the problem.
Process 1:
- Pour water into your bathtub.
- Mix two cups of oatmeal with the water and slightly stir it.
- Soak your whole body into the bathtub for about 30 minutes.
This method will help to take care of your whole body skin equally. However, it is quite time-consuming.
Process 2:
- Mix oatmeal with white yolk in a bowl.
- Directly apply the mixture on your skin, especially the areas that are damaged badly by the sun marks.
- When the mixture dries out on your skin, just use fresh water to rinse it off.
This method won’t take too much time, so you can do it and feel the quick effect that this remedy brings to you.

9. Corn Powder

One use of corn powder is removing sunburns
This kind of powder is well-known for its effects on providing energies for performing our daily activities. However, there are some other benefits of corn powder that I must mention here, particularly the effect of treating the sun spots in the summer. You can absolutely store it for using anytime you like conveniently and easily. Moreover, with corn powder, you guys can have quite a lot ways to help the damaged skin to recover.
- You can mix half a cup of corn powder with half a cup of yeast cake into the water. After that, soak yourself in that water for about 30 minutes. By this way, your sunburned damages will disappear naturally and the harsh feeling on the skin will be soothed quickly.
- In another way, you can mix corn powder with water to create a sticky mixture. Then, apply it directly on the sun spots that disturb you and wait until it dries out before rinsing it off.
- You can also dissolve the powder in water and spray this directly on your skin as well.
- However, the simplest way is to rub the corn powder on your skin after having a bath, right on the areas that have skin damaged by sunlight.

10. Watermelon Rind

You should not throw watermelon rind away because it can take care of your skin
Although watermelon is considered to be a kind of hot fruit to eat in the summer, many people still like its taste and the immediate effect to reduce the hot and thirsty feeling that they have. However, that would be really wasteful if we just eat the flesh of the fruit and throw away its rind. In fact, the rind of watermelon has a large amount of water, which is cool and nutritious so that we can use it to rub on the skin and treat some problems related to the beauty care. Particularly, talking about the matter of sunburns removal, watermelon rind is really an effective remedy to heal the damaged skin cells and provide it the necessary nutrients for recovery.
- Use the pieces of watermelon to crush and extract the juice out.
- Next, add from 1 to 2 coffee spoons of honey into the juice and mix them up carefully.
- Make this mixture and rub on the spots on the skin daily combining with gentle massage for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.
Honey is a great source of vitamins, which can supply and nourish our skin positively. When we combine it with the natural source of water from watermelon, your skin would be soothed and the sun marks would be blurred quickly.
Beside the tips that I have shared above, there are some things that you need to know and do right away after having the sunburn damages on the skin.
I bet that the feeling of getting sun marks on the skin is uncomfortable at all. Many people have to go to the dermatologists to have some diagnoses and advice from the professional experts as they even feel sick as the result of being exposed to the direct sunlight and getting sunburned skin. However, if you don’t have the feeling or if you can still sustain it, it is no need to go to the doctor but you can apply the following steps immediately to reduce the pain.
- Right when coming back home, just soak your damaged skin in the cold water for 15 minutes as soon as possible. Remember that you should not rub your skin with ice water because this action can even cause some worse things to your skin. The suitable cold of water temperature is a good treatment for your sunburned damages and help them avoid being swollen up.
- Use any type of remedies provided above to heal your pain and try to apply it frequently. They are all natural and good for health, so the best way is to use them every day if you can.
- To avoid the harsh pain after being burned by the sun, you should use aspirin or Tylenol when you realize that your skin has signals of sun marks on it after 24 hours. The situation of swell and harsh pain caused by sunburned damages often occurs from 3 to 4 hours after exposing to and 12 hours after being burned by the sunlight. With the help of aspirin, your skin may still be reddish but not itchy anymore because the impact of this medicine is to improve work of the blood circulation under the skin.
- If your situation is serious, try some ointments on the inflammatory skin. This kind of medicine often contains the strong anti-inflammatory compounds so that it can help you to reduce the pain quickly. However, if you use this medicine, don’t forget to wear protective clothes and cover yourself carefully when going out to avoid getting any other damage.

- And finally, try to add more fresh and cool foods, drinks and fruits in your daily meal. It is very helpful to heal yourself from even the inside.
By and large, the appearance of sunburns on our skin is not obvious; it is due to the carelessness of us ourselves. Therefore, we have to be responsible for the damages that we have caused to our skin. It is not a rare thing to happen around, but we should be more careful when going outside. Don’t forget to wear a coat and apply the sunscreen if you have to expose to the sun. And in case we caused damages to the skin, be patient and wise to remove the sunburned marks effectively with the tips that you have read. Finally, just enjoy your summer vacation!

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