People have been learning presentation skills online without getting the full benefit. Discover the top 10 tips for how to change all that…and get the most out of learning new skills, virtually.

Sadly, many online training programs are passive. They rely on text-based classes that do not engage learners. There really isn’t much for the learner to do.

It comes down to a few tasks. Reading. Watching. Scrolling. Listening. In an era of interaction, Web 2.0 technology, and video communication, this seems almost unfathomable.

Online training can be a highly energizing experience. It’s a brand new world and there are highly interactive trainings now available. Here are 10 tips for choosing a presentation skills training program that is highly engaging.

1. Learning Is Fun
Pick a program, website and training approach that is fun. Naturally, the more fun you have, the faster you’ll pick up career-boosting skills.

2. Learn The Way You Like
If you love watching video, find a training class built with video tutorials. If you enjoy reading, find one with illustrated, well-written manuals. The program should match the way you like to learn. You shouldn’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel to learn new skills just because some instructional designer thought it had to be like that.

3. Makes Your Life Easier
Learning new skills is all about making your life easier. The presentation skills you learn should be simplifying what you need to do at work, home or in group activities.

For instance, in a recent training one participant told me: “I can prepare my presentations 50% faster than before.” Now that’s definitely saving time, saving headache…and helping your career.

4. Instantly Useful
Do you have to struggle for weeks before you experience a difference? Or can you use skills immediately? When evaluating a presentation skills course, look for one where you find tips, tactics and techniques that are useful right away.

5. Connects To What You Do
While many professionals attend online training from different professions, a program should have direct application to what you do. Often people are surprised that the rules and principles of presenting are so universal.

In fact, it is very much like a language. You can say a lot of things with one language—even if you are speaking about very different topics. When learning presentation skills, make sure to connect the dots to apply each skill to what you do.

6. Easy To Ask Questions
The best online presentation training programs have easy access to experts. This is very important because if something is unclear or fuzzy, you can send an email and get a personal answer. While studying at your own pace is fun, it’s also good to know that help is just an email away.

7. Self-Scoring Tests
It’s fun to test your skills. In an interactive skill such as presenting, scoring your skills is a quick way to improve. You’ll see what you’re using, and where you can get better. Plus, you can test your score whenever you want, as often as you wish.

8. Step-By-Step Blueprints
There’s nothing like a roadmap when you need to go from idea to completed presentation. If you’re checking out a presentation firm that calls everything a blueprint when it’s really just a checklist, you should keep looking.

Look for a program structured with visual diagrams. Blueprints help you learn faster, and improve your presentation skills faster.

9. 24/7 Access
Unlike a seminar or workshop, online presentation training is available anytime and anywhere. This is a powerful benefit and one you should demand from your provider.

10. Challenges You To Learn
Are you testing and challenging yourself? Are you learning new skills and applying them to ever-increasing challenges? If you are, then you’ve found a powerful program that is built with your best interests in mind.

Use the 10 tips to find a powerful presentation skills training online. As you can imagine, there is no better way to improve your skills and boost your career.

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Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through Email Marketing skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at: