Meditation, as known as a famous spiritual ritual to gain relaxation, actually has others lots of advantages. Here they are:

1. Love and compassion
Once we opened up more communication links between our surrounding environment, automatically the feeling of love and compassion emerging in. Knowing that nature and us is one component, it will make us realize and easy to understand about differences about each others and it will guide us to improve relationships, both in romantic or casual way.

2. Discover our purposes and gifts
With full of awareness and increasing intellectuality, it help us clearly think about what God has planed for us. Once we discovered it, we will enjoy living in this world because we know exactly that we are walking in the right path. It also helped us to be grateful of life and helped us building our confidence.

3. Wisdom
Once we learned about meditation, it helps us open up more communication links between our surrounding environment and our self. Beside that, we will start to learn that our life guide is our self.

4. Joy and happiness
Once we realized that we are united with God, there will be no more worries and fears because we believed that God always there, not beside us, but inside us. Meditation also helps you to reveal false identity and will help us to find the true one. Then, after we eliminated those false ego and nonsenses, we will enjoy and happy about our self.

5. Enlightenment
This is the fundamental purpose of meditation, to make us realize that we are united with nature & God.

6. Stress reduction & good health
After we learned the art of tranquility in meditation, it helps us in stress management. Beside learned the art of tranquility, we also learned the art of living which guide us to put the worries and anxiety behind. This will be preventing illness and disease cause by poison of stress.

7. Improving brain function
Most of the serious mediators really know how much meditation improving their brain function. Recently lots of empiric studies are indicated this amazing yoga meditations fact. Meditation undoubtedly increases our awareness. It also significantly improves our intelligence.

8. Peace & tranquility
This is about mind and body relaxing. It also builds comfortable feeling about our self.

9. Yogi & physic power
We currently only use 10% of our brain capacity. Practicing meditation will helped us wake those dormant sections of our brain. When areas of the brain are activated the power will unleash.

10. Magnificence
Meditation will brought us to charisma, confidence, courage, character, and balance. This will bring us to be a charming and magnetic person. Meditation will shine our magnificence.

There they are.

To your success and spiritual growth,
Choi Rowling

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