Personal development simply means that you do a daily activity for improving your day to day performance. Self development or personal growth is also sometimes referred to as personal development and it covers a broad set of areas to develop. This is also about improving yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and all the areas of personal development are therefore intended to improve your mind, heart, your body and spirit.

Here are some top personal development strategies:

1. Goal planning: this is where your personal development (and even business development) begins. You need to make a list of what your aims are in life. Think about that one big thing that you have always craved. You just need to identify what they are. Once you have written them down, it makes it a touch more 'real' and you will be driven to achieve those goals.

2. After that, it is all about planning how you are going to reach these aims. One of the biggest mistakes people make is the fact that they have goals, but they never think about how they are going to achieve them. You need to plan each and every individual step to that primary goal. You may even want to have 'mini goals' along the way. This is going to be your road plan for a few years, so make sure you put a bit of effort into it.

3. Another issue for many people is the fact that they become too satisfied with where they are in life. They start to settle. Once you start to settle, that is you indicate that you are giving up on your personal development. You do not want this to happen. You never want to lose that drive for success. Right now, the last thing you want to be doing is to be stuck in the middle.

4. You are your number one priority in life. By all means, help other people. It feels good to help. However, you do not want to let them stand in the way of living your life dream. You will only have regrets (and develop a form of resentment) towards them later on.

5. You should always be checking your development. Keep an eye on how you are progressing through life. Think about whether you are on target to achieve your goals. Reflect on whether there are ways to improve yourself, or maybe get yourself back on track. Many people who desire success should be carrying out a 'self-appraisal' at least once a year.

6. You are going to have weaknesses. You are a human. That is fine. Every person out there, even the most successful in the world, have their shortcomings. You will not be successful in life if you just focus on those though. Many people suggest that instead of working on improving your weaknesses, you try to improve your strengths. Sure, you can dedicate a small amount of time to ensuring that your weaknesses do not set you back too much.

7. If you have a project on your plate, try to do something to make it remarkable. In the world of business, you are going to be faced with the same projects day-in-day-out. Do not just try to complete that project 'to standard', but do your best to finish that project 'better than anybody else does'. Along the way, you will pick up vital skills. If your goal is to get ahead in the business world, you may even find that you are looked at for promotion.

8. When you are seeking to develop yourself as a person, absolutely everything needs to be seen as an opportunity to develop yourself. You should always try to complete things to the best of your ability. By doing this, you will be able to demonstrate to yourself that you have got what it takes to succeed in life.

9. There are some things in life that you are really going to hate doing. Again, just like with weaknesses, this is just part of being human. You do not have to learn to love them. Instead, if you want to live your dream life, focus on the things that you really care about. You will be more driven to reach your goals this way.

10. Finally, you have to realize that failure is not a thing. It has never been a thing. Failure is an opportunity to learn. Every successful person on this planet has had failure in his/her life. They won't call it a failure though. It is a learning experience. You fail, you have just found one method that doesn't work. You won't try it again. If you aren't failing, you are doing something wrong.


An individual development strategy ensure you are always improving your skills, abilities and knowledge. Once you have formed the habit of applying a base of new principals of Personal Development, adding more to your daily routine will become simpler approach and your results will get better. As you typically have more new directors introduced into your life all at once, the habit building process will take longer, so expect to see results in some parts of your life right away and some as time goes on.

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