10 Steps To Creating A YouTube Channel 2020.

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Have you been on the path? But don’t know anyone personally who have done it! maybe you started jumping around trying to pick up the a few tips here and there. There are a lot of YouTuber’s providing some good tips to get you started.

I have had the same problem, having more time and did not feel like I should have to make another investment in a YouTube course. Picking as much as free education as I found then putting it to work and see where it goes.

In this I want to share what was learned through this process. Some of us are not tech savvy, now that most of us are still working from home or choosing to but are procrastinating on started you own channel let me share something with you.

To get started on 10 steps to creating a YouTube channel 2020.

1- To get started you have to create your mindset along with building your confidents. Get out of the comfort zone give it a try to see if you like it.

Always keep in mind that we are all human and have whatever purpose on this earth to put our minds to and create value for others.

Forget about the competition no matter what it’s in every field it’s out there. I heard some people talking about how can they compete against someone with high numbers in subscribers.

If your are going into that niche just model that person check them out to see what they are doing. Just because they got a head start does not mean you can’t be creative in your own way. Don’t reinvent the wheels.

Keep in mind that we all come from different walks of life, some talk with perfect grammar, some talk with street slang vocabulary just don’t sound like you’re trying to be a robot.

Picking the niche for your channel.

2- What is your channel about? Niche picking, for example I am going to use dogs for now. This can be narrowed down to a certain breed on dog but then you might just get views from the types of dog lovers, Let’s say pugs.

Pugs are loved by a lot of viewers. If I were going to do dogs I would make and mix the channel for all kinds of dogs because it will widen your views. Almost everyone has pets.
10 steps to creating a YouTube channel 2020
Giving viewing good content to help them out.

3- In a channel like this you can make videos on dogs playing, make a video a certain breed of dog, and prior do some research on the breeds health.

Example bulldogs, you can make a video about the health issues bulldog have and because they are at risk of heat stroke in the summer or in high activity. There are plenty of value you can share.

Putting in the work.

4-Now that you have your niched pick out and your mindset in the right place. it’s time to get the ball rolling. As I go on i’ll be using different niches as examples incase you want to pick one and use it or just maybe that’s what you are already involved in.

Gmail setup.

5- If you don’t use Gmail you will have to create a free account or you can use the gmail you have a create off of that on. Go to google.com and on the top right hand side the click on gmail and fill out the form.

Become welcoming.

6- Use a photo that is welcoming “you with a smile” especially being new to the platform, some people use an eye catchy logo. Whatever your preference is. Make sure to read the terms and conditions because you don’t want to violate these.

It’s Important to follow their guide lines, there are stories of people losing their account/s because they were doing something that they were not supposed to be doing.

Once you finished filling out the form for you gmail, go to YouTube.com and sign in using your new account or the one you are comfortable with. Click on the top right where your image is or or if you didn’t up load one yet it will be in color with a letter on it.

YouTube platform.

7- Open up the menu bar and click on create new channel. Youtube has its own set ups for you to ad you channel art. You can simply go over to canva.com and create your own custom channel art for free. Out of my experience you might have to squeeze the center of your channel art.
When people land on your channel your image represents what your channel is about. Let them know you have coupons, free gifts, etc. Make the image eye catchy similar to a thumb nail. Ponder on your description on what you want to channel to read out to those who want to know more.

YouTube also allows you to have link button linking directly to your blog. since I mentioned blog there are some cool things you can do with a WordPress website. I use WordPress that’s what I am family with you can use what you like.

With your website and your channel you can use certain sharing plug-ins for when you have a new article with a new video bye the click out a button you can spread you new post in many website with high traffic and high authority.
For and of these sharing site you will have to go t them and create accounts. Just keep this in mind!

watching this video here https://youtu.be/LhRECUqGxEg

Learning the tools.

8-Your making video’s now if you want to edit them YouTube has a tool for that as well of you can use what you want. If the video is ready to upload and you have to do is upload it.

There is a strategy that I’m still learning to get your video ranked easier, I will share it as soon as possible.
Free tools for you to get, both of these do have a premium upgrade. You can go to vidIQ this tool will provide you with an extension for Chrome also there is tubebuddy.

These tools make it easy to go to your competitors and use their tags and paste them in your tag box for more exposure.
I started doing this for my channel , I looked for other channels in the online business entrepreneur niche and if their tags were some what related I would copy and paste on into mine. My views went up so this can work for you as well.

Standing out.

9- Once you have your video uploaded and ready to fire on this this great platform. Your thumb nail needs to stand out they can be made on Canva as well. If the colors are bright most likely will get more clicks. This might take some testing, think about what grabs your attention!

I have seen some channels that don’t use any thumb nails, depending on the niche some do good and some don’t. There are some softwares that make your thumb nails look awesome I will leave link below!

Sharing your content.

10- Sharing your content, as I mention earlier WordPress is a great provider because of the plug-ins. If you don’t have one you can share to your other social media platforms. This is where some content creators get shy, that fact is some people will like your content and some will not you just keep moving forward.

Youtube ads are available, me personally I got my account banned to I used another source. If you go to Adwords create an account you can promote ads for the niche you are in. Make sure you follow their rules or you can get banned.

I use Sprizzy, in my opinion they do great for when I promote my channel. They have some simple steps you get your content in front of the right audience. When I do this I learned to promote a product sales funnel in my description for potential new leads.

I learned as long as you are persistent and continue making content for you niche you grow it. It’s similar to gardening you plant keep watering them and you will grow crop.


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