The puddles on the sidewalks are growing and snow is slowly disappearing, the calendar confirms our suspicions that spring is just around the corner. Spring cleaning is a seasonal custom that brings us more than a clean home, it helps us embrace the new season, brings in the fresh air, and helps end the long cold winter. These ten tips will help you refocus on home organization and revive your entire home.

1. Stay Safe: Change the batteries in each of your fire and carbon monoxide alarms. If they aren’t in working order replace them. Supply fresh batteries for flashlights on every floor of your home in case of emergency.

2. Time for a Change of Clothes: Home organization can begin in your closets. Don’t just pull winter clothes off the hanger or out of drawers and tuck them away in a Tupperware. As you pack up your heavy winter clothes to make room for your lighter spring outfits assess them and make some choices. Have you worn that item all winter? If not, now might be the time to add it to the donation pile. Don’t put away soiled clothes or clothes needing repair to deal with months from now. Go to the drycleaner with your winter coats, sweaters, and pants that can’t be machine washed. Sew on any loose buttons and check that all zippers are in working order.

3. Top to Bottom Dusting: Time to get your hands dirty. Cleaning top to bottom prevents you from having to re-clean areas. Use extenders arms for easier reach with your dusting tools and avoid standing on a ladder. The first things to clean are light fixtures and fan blades. Wipe down the top of door casings and window sills. There is a lot of dirt accumulating places that are out of your eye line.

4. Wash Down Walls and Baseboards: It might not be readily visible, but your walls and baseboards have been collecting dirt since last spring also. Dilute all purpose cleaner in a mop bucket and use a sponge to wipe them clean with. The effect of this cleaning product will leave your whole room smelling and feeling cleaner. Open the windows and let in the fresh spring air to finish the job!

5. Dust Table Tops: Clear everything off the tops of your tables and give them a good dusting. Vacuum your lamp shades and make sure that you dust underneath them as well. Is it time to refresh your table tops? Don’t put down winter holiday decorations that never got put away, swap out pictures for new photos.

6. Wash and Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery: For months of the year we’ve been indoors and bringing dirt, salt, and sand back inside when we did find reasons to leave. Floors and furniture have seen the most of dirty boots and salt covered pants. If you don’t own a cleaner of your own they can be rented at a number of different locations. Make certain you know how to use the machine before you begin, and if you don’t feel confident, consider having someone come and do this for you. Leave carpeting or furniture soaking wet for a long time can invite mold and other issues.

7. Sleep Better! Vacuum and Flip Your Mattress: Break out your light crisp linen sheets and fold up your heavy flannel winter bedding. Clean your winter sheets and blankets before you put them away. For the sake of your home organization and don’t continue to store bedding that is too worn or is damaged and won’t be used again next fall or winter.

8. Put out the Welcome Mat, Literally: Give your entry mats a good shake, or replace them entirely for new spring designs. Wash or shake out your entry way rugs too, winter grime has left its’ mark on them. Gone are the dirty boots, prepare for the days of sandals.

9. Time for Patio Parties: Soon you will be enjoying your grill and patio again. It’s time to break out the outdoor furniture and soap them down. Wash the dirt and cobweb from storage away and air out any cushions you have in storage. Give everything a good look over is anything damaged? You don’t want summer guests falling through broken chairs!

10. Bring on the Sunshine: The heart of every spring cleaning checklist is cleaning windows. Don’t forget about window treatments they need to be cleaned just as much as the glass and screens. Wipe down your blinds with a rag and diluted all purpose cleaner. It’s not as difficult to clean curtains or drapes as you may think, many window treatments are machine washable, look at yours!

Feel refreshed after a long winter keep home organization in mind while you do your spring cleaning. Projects in the year to come will be easier to accomplish with a clean and organized home.

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