The importance:
Perhaps the most difficult and challenging aspect of international shipping is the organization, management and functioning of the fulfillment warehouse where all the products meant for international shipping are stored. Fulfillment warehouse management is an important part of any parcel delivery service because it aids in faster and more efficient delivery of goods to the end user.
Top 10 tips to organize the warehouse:
• Make sure it is well organized:
This essentially means that it’s important to organize your products because that’s what ensures speedy international shipping of your products. In your fulfillment warehouse, make sure there is appropriate grouping of the products.
• Thorough examination when you receive the goods:
Effective fulfillment warehouse management starts when your goods or raw materials arrive. International courier companies must ensure that what they receive is right and not damaged.
• Logical order picking:
International courier companies must group their products in their fulfillment warehouses in a logical manner so that the process of order picking becomes simpler.
• Reorganization when needed:
If you find that your current fulfillment warehouse organization isn’t catering to your parcel delivery service demand, reorganization is a good idea.
• Quality control standards:
International courier companies must set a certain quality of standard in the goods that they deal with it. To avoid problems during the process of international shipping, goods should be checked for damages at the very first step.
• Safety precautions:
International courier companies must take important safety precautions to protect not only their goods but also their labourers. Safety precautions to avoid accidents and insurance are good measures to take.
• Appropriate lighting in the fulfillment warehouse:
International courier companies must provide good lighting facilities in their fulfillment warehouse because the brighter, the better - work gets done efficiently.
• Staff training:
Another useful tip is to train the staff the right way to work on the worldwide parcel services. Periodic scheduled training and cross-training increases work efficiency and standard of international shipping.
Software options:
International courier companies invest in software that helps in making their parcel delivery service work easier. This is especially important during order picking and packing in the fulfillment warehouse.
• Prompt delivery and good customer service:
If the fulfillment warehouse has a strong delivery team and a supportive customer service team, this helps in boosting the warehouse management skills.
As we can see, warehouse management is important for all international courier companies in UK. Whether your fulfillment warehouse is big or small, organization is mandatory. Focus on maintaining logical groupings, above all.

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