So you've recently started spending a lot of time with the guy you are into, and things seem to be going great. Like, really great. You spend hours together, go out to dinner just the two of you, and have a connection that goes way beyond just friendship. But are you an item?


Is it time to change your relationship status on Facebook? Can you refer to him as your boyfriend to family and friends? Was that table-for-two dinner in that swanky Italian an official date? You know you like him, and he seems super into you too, but, like many guys, he isn't very open about his emotions, so things still aren't clear.


Understandably, you don't want to ruin everything by rushing things or asking too suddenly if you're 'a couple'. We've been there, and we're here to help. Here are 10 signs that he is falling for you, and if these sound familiar, we're pretty sure you'll be an official item in no time.


1. He calls you on the weekend


If he is saving his most precious free time to go on dates with you, instead of going out with his friends or pursuing other interests, you can be pretty sure he is way into you. Think about it. Guys that only call you to hang out a few times in the middle of the week and then spend all weekend doing other stuff aren't really focusing on you, and may even be seeing someone else. If he saves his Friday night and weekend off for you, you can be sure that you are really special to him, and there is no other love interest in his life. He wants to be with you.


2. He is affectionate, without going all the way


A lot of guys do the whole cuddle thing just to get their date into bed. This is common knowledge, and most of can read the signs. But if he is affectionate with you without trying to, well, get your clothes off, this is a strong sign that he is falling you, and that you have a deeper emotional and physical connection that goes beyond just sex.


3. He misses you when you're not together


Most guys don't like their dates, or anyone, to see their soft side until things get more serious, and when they really trust someone and can be open with them. So, if he is being soft and romantic with you and texting you to tell you he misses you between dates, you can guess he really means it and is falling, hard.


4. He genuinely takes interest in your day-to-day life


If he is always asking how your day went, and wants to talk about your day-to-day life, your work, friends, family, your interests and problems, this is another sign is very into you, especially if he listens attentively to what you say. This shows he cares about you and wants to get to know everything about you, however boring the details may be.


5. He keeps you in his future plans


Going on regular dates is one things, but starting to plan outings or getaways further down the line is another. If he is talking about 'us' when speaking about the future, or suggesting you two should go away together in a few months, for example, he is clearly including you in his long-term plans, and you're not just his date for the moment.


6. He introduces you to his friends


This is a big one. If he is introducing you to his buddies, you know this is getting serious. He wants you to have some kind of relationship with them, as they are very important in his life. This tells you that he wants you in his life for real, and that he is proud to be with you and wants to show you off a little.


7. He's mentioned meeting his family, and yours


Guys don't formally introduce just anyone to their family - this is normally reserved for partners that are serious and with whom they are hoping to be with long-term. So, if he has mentioned, even in passing, that he would like to meet your family, and introduce you to his, don't take it lightly. He is serious about you and the future of your relationship.


8. His body language shows his feelings


Sometimes, one of the best ways to pick up on things is by paying close attention to his body language, especially since guys often lack words. If you notice he is sneaking in glances when he thinks you aren't looking, maintaining eye contact longer and looks at you in a very loving, affectionate way, this is another big sign he is falling in love.


9. He has stopped paying attention to other people


He doesn't care about other people anymore, doesn't try and get anyone's attention apart from yours and you never see him checking other people out, or being a little flirty. This extends to social networks, too. If doesn't bother replying to others like before, or has stopped post sexy selfies on Instagram, it's out of respect for you, and because its your attention and praise that he values most.


10. He is spontaneously romantic


He sends you cute messages or gives you romantic surprises or little gifts when you least expect them. This shows you're always in his thoughts and that he goes out of his way to make an effort and try and make you smile and feel good.

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