Eager to improve and learn something new? Want to speed-read, perhaps? Or improve your goal-setting skills? Oh, we have something in common. I adore discovering new horizons myself. That’s why I always have at hand my list of 10 self-development websites, which I randomly open when I want to the unknown. Let me share them.


TED talks are perhaps one of the biggest self-development resources available to anyone. You can watch these talks on your mobile device or home computer and enjoy any subject you want. If you love the brain, watch talks on the brain. If you love food, music, travel, photography, you will find hundreds of videos that are not only educational, but also inspirational.


Lifetick is an online goal setting tool. It will help you set and keep not only personal goals, but also family, school and business goals. You can even invite those involved into your goals and start working together on making your dream come true!


You can read some of the news references for free on this private intelligence site. Being up to date about geopolitics and the goings-on around the world is not only good for your safety, but also beneficial for your mind and your understanding of how the world works. This site gives daily updates and situational reports to anyone with an e-mail address and from these analyses you can learn more than you would from any other news source. It is good to note that this particular company is the company which provides the real time data to news outlets such as BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and many other big name outlets. So anyone you read on these news sites originated on Stratfor. Do yourself the favor and know today’s news today, not tomorrow.


Wondering where your scholarship gone? Mint will help you monitor your spendings and keep track of all your financial data and goals. Personally, I believe this tool to be the best financial tool. Try it!


This website offers a myriad of self-development videos that are uploaded by teachers and professionals for all manner of things. You can surf through tutorials on cooking, crafts, technology, computers, drawing, painting, cleaning, doing tricks on a bike, or even read educational lectures. All of the lessons have interactive quizzes throughout so you can test what you know and printable instructions will help you create the things you learned at home.


Utilize your brain’s neuroplasticity by constantly challenging your neurons to regrow and develop. This site offers interactive games which are part of a longitudinal study, and the best part is that as you advance, the games do too, constantly challenging you to improve your attention span, memory, focus, and task switching abilities.


The cognitive benefits associated with learning a new language are often underappreciated and while learning a new language can be challenging (as you are an adult with a hardened palette) it is not impossible. Duolingo is today one of the best proven linguistic programs around, even better than Rosetta Stone. This site has an app too, so you can simply practice some flash cards for over a dozen languages. . Practicing on your train ride to school or during commercials can help you learn new words before a vacation or an upcoming test.


Already tired at the thought of having to go to a gym? Gym-pact will spare you the trouble. With this online tool you will stop avoiding the gym even though you pay for it and it is located across the street. See how much you are wasting and never miss an appointment again.


Online you can find unlimited free books to always increase your mind. Start reading a few pages whenever you have a down moment instead of checking your old text messages. You will be surprised at how quickly you go through new books.


Free podcasts are available on everything from the Supreme Court case hearings to new language tips. Use them. Love them. And learn.
So… It seems like I haven’t left you a way-out from trying something new today, right? I’m glad about it and I’m sure you will enjoy the new experience! Good luck!

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Jane Copland is a passionate PR manager at ThePensters.com – the community of freelance academic writers. She’s into writing, technology and psychology.