If you are among those individuals who find it hard to keep their house clean, you have come to the right place. There are many people who are struggling but still their home is not clean enough. The reason is that they are working strategically. You should know that cleaning home is an art. Using the right techniques, you will be able to keep your home clean for a long time. Here we have some of the amazing tips that will help you clean your house quickly.

1. Start from the top

A common mistake most people make is they will be dusting the tables and other decoration pieces first. After that when they will clean the fan or curtains it will double their work. It is better that you start from the top and in the end clean the floor. You will get better results in half the time.

2. Us Squeegee for Windows

If you are unable to clean your windows properly with a towel or newspaper, it is better that you consider using squeegee for glass windows. You only have to apply soap water on the windows and clean it properly. After that you can wash it with water and once again remain the water with squeegee. There will be no stains on your window.

3. Use Feather Dusters for Dusting

When you spray water before dusting it makes your job hard because you will not be able to remove the stains of dust. It is better that you get a feather duster. It will allow you to quickly remove the dust from all surfaces without any stains.

4. Have Proper Tools for Cleaning

One of the most important things you have to consider is the tools you use for cleaning. If you do not have proper tools for cleaning it will become hard for you to quickly clean the surface. Keep your cleaning tools up to date.

5. Toilet Cleaning with Silicone Brush

You can use an antibacterial silicone brush for your toilet bowl. Some of the interesting benefits you will get with silicone brush are.
• It is more hygienic and cleaner
• No splatters of unpleasant stuff
• Antibacterial properties will keep your toilet bowl free from germs
• Easy to handle and fast cleaning

6. Lemon Cleaner for Kitchen

If you have stains of grease all over your kitchen, the best solution is applying a little baking soda over the half-cut lemon and use it over the stains. You will notice that within seconds all the grease will be removed and you will get the stainless and perfectly clean kitchen counters.

7. Make Stainless Steel Shine with Mineral Oil

There are stains of finger prints and water all over the stainless-steel skin which makes it look ugly. You can make it shine like new with the help of mineral oil. Apply and little oil and scrub it slightly and you will notice that all the stains will be removed and the shine of sink will be restored.

8. Vacuum in a Straight Line

It is important that when you are vacuuming you should always keep a straight line. Once you are done with the single line you should start all over again. The benefit of this technique is that you will properly clean the entire room and in less time.

9. Clean Regularly

If you want to avoid cleaning your house for hours, it is better that you clean your house on regular basis. It will take less time and work. As well as you will not have to deal with major stains that are hard to remove of left untreated for a long time.

10. Avoid Clutter

The biggest reason your house looks messy is that of clutter. Once you will remove all the clutter your house will look clean and perfect. It is better that you create some space and assigns different parts in-house for different things to avoid clutter.

Make sure that you get all the latest tools that will help you clean your house quickly and effectively. Make some rules and punishments in the house that will make your kids avoid making a mess.

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Hey! I`m Kadir TUNCEL. I finished SAU (University of Sakarya) with a specialization in International Relation 5 years ago. Now I live in Istanbul and practice skills received there. I love to share my experiences. Also, I`m interested in traveling. My dream is to get 8 hours of sleep every day.