Traveling allows us to discover the world and also to realize ourselves. Nowadays, it has also become comfortable and, moreover, accessible to many. Now we will reveal to you some secrets to not spend most of your savings on this.

1. Tickets

Make friends with low-cost airlines. In such services, you can buy tickets for less than a minimum daily budget. It is also better to choose the departure date on a weekday or a non-holiday day.

2. Baggage

Large baggage often costs more than your seat on the plane. A small carry-on suitcase is enough to store your belongings for a week. In addition, it is more convenient to move around the city with it.

3. Place of residence

During a pandemic, many hotels of different categories put up their rooms for fabulously low money. It is worth mentioning even cheaper hostels and couchsurfing! Or you can ask for help  in social networks and your friends will  support you to find a shelter.

4. Transport

Use public transport – it is much cheaper than a taxi and you can also observe more through it. And the best thing is to walk on foot, clinging to the architecture of the houses. And healthier!

5. Map and translator

Install in advance on your smartphone an application with offline maps and a phrasebook of the local language. Although English is spoken everywhere, believe me.

6. Money

It's best to calculate your average daily budget in advance, taking into account the food and places you want to go. And don't forget that many countries don't use cash. I suggest that you always leave 35% of the total amount in cash. It will allow you in an unforeseen situation not to use ATMs, which will take a fee for this.

7. Attractions

View travel guides for your destination, mark the places you would like to visit, and go! Unfortunately, most may be closed now. There is a great way to see many beautiful places, and not even popular ones: meet the local people who will agree to give you a tour. Many guides are bored without work now.

8. Travel within the country

If, after all, there are not enough interesting places, you can travel around the country by bus or train and see a bunch of different sights. For example: have you been to Nice and are you tired of her beauty? Travel to Monaco and marvel at the beauty of the modern kingdom. Nice opportunity to find out who Grimaldy were and their history.

9. Food

It is expensive to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner only in restaurants. Many countries are famous for their street food and markets. Taste a local delicacy and carry snacks so you don't go hungry on walks.

10. Security

Nowadays this question is more important than ever. Use masks and antiseptics and stock up on a pair of gloves. Take the necessary medicines with you (just in case) and make travel insurance. And don't forget to take a negative coronavirus test (also just in case).


Fortunately, we have even a small opportunity to examine. Don’t lose it.

Author's Bio: 

Matt Wilson is a Motivational Speaker, Technology Enthusiast, Health Freak, and a Proud Father!