Visiting a nice place with your beloved person or spouse is an unforgettable experience. However, for such trips you need to zero in on the right destination. It also depends on your taste and preferences. There are several romantic destinations for those in love or enjoying their honeymoon and you have to assess the options before choosing the right one! From iconic cities in Europe to picturesque remote islands in the Caribbean, there are options aplenty!

Top 10 romantic places to enjoy a tour with your beloved
To ensure you enjoy a romantic vacation with your beloved, pick from the holiday trip packages that cover one of the below listed destinations.

Top 10 Romantic Places Around The World

1. Santorini, Greece:

Santorini in Greece has become a coveted destination for romantic couples across the globe. The Greek island is irresistibly attractive and appealing. Santorini looks like an oasis in the middle of the sea. The whole setup of the town seems to be stuck in the18th century. The Major attraction of this place is the impeccably white and blue buildings. Enjoy the amazing beaches and incredible sunsets in Santorini with your loved one.

2. Whistler, Canada:

If both you and your beloved love mountains and skiing, the Whistler and Blackcomb mountain range in Canada is the best destination. The view of snow-capped forests is perfect for arousing romantic feelings and you can also enjoy lunch in the country mountain lodges. The Whistler Village is perfect for chilling out after a trek.

3. Venice, Italy:

The floating city with over 350 bridges, goldolas and elegant buildings can be your dram romantic destination. The island of Burano is ideal for spending cozy moments together. In the daytime, both of you can experience the sheer magnificence of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii:

The capital of Hawaii is an amazingly beautiful island that has always been preferred by honeymooning couples. The Foster Botanical Gardens is where most such couples love to spend cozy moments. The beaches are incredibly pretty and imaging opportunities are abundant.

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy:

When it comes to Italy for romantic destinations, Venice and Milan feature in the top list. Try the Amalfi Coast instead and you will not regret. An ideal destination for romantic couples, Amalfi Coast abounds in Mediterranean lifestyle and natural scenery. Stroll amidst the picturesque seaside villages. Don’t forget to explore the Emerald Grotto, the medieval churches, gardens and museums in this serene location.

6. Tanzanian Safari:

Tanzania is famous for Mount Kilimanjaro for sure but romancing couples can opt for the amazing safari tours in the African country. There are several wildlife conservation sites and national parks where you witness the wildlife animals up close. The natural setting and wilderness is perfect for making you develop cozy feelings for each other!

7. Bali, Indonesia:

Often called the “Island of the Gods” Bali in Indonesia is a haven for nature lovers as well as couples in love. The lush forests and sprawling beautiful beaches will make anyone feel romantic! Even the nightlife is pretty exciting and the numerous shrines and temples have a different kind of appeal.

8. Hakone, Japan:

Not many couples choose Hakone in Japan for spending honeymoon or anniversary celebration. However, this beautiful place has enough attractions to satisfy any couple. The attractions include Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji and the Hakone Shrine is worth exploring too.

9. Whitsunday Islands, Australia:

Sydney maybe more popular destination for general tourists in Australia and romantic holidays are best spent at the Whitsunday Islands. It is located in middle of the iconic Great Barrier Reef. This is actually made up of 74 islands and you get pristine white beaches and blue water, replete with exotic aquatic creatures.

10. Northern Lights, Iceland:

The magic and enigma of the Northern Lights can be seen from various parts of the world, Iceland being one of them. November to January are the best months to witness this heavenly, natural event. Make yourself comfortable and cozy with the warmest winter attire and watch the splendor under the night sky with your beloved!

There are many more romantic destinations like Paris-the capital of France, Portugal’s waterfront city Porto, and Cappadocia in Turkey. There are plenty of tour agencies offering couple honeymoon packages in these places but you should choose carefully.

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