Haridwar is an important pilgrim place for the Hindus. Haridwar literally means the gateway of the gods. You can find many Hindu temples of the banks of river Ganges, hilltop temples in scenic locations and temples of mythic beliefs. Haridwar coordinates are 29.945° North and 78.163° east.

10 Best Places in Haridwar For Pilgrimage Tour

You must check your tour package must include the pilgrimage sites mentioned below:

1. Bhimgoda Kund

This is a famous tank for the Hindus in Haridwar. It has legends from the Mahabharata. In the epic age, Bhima, one of the Pandawa brothers is behind the creation of this Kund. In the present day, it is a ritual place to take a dip or drink its water to get salvation. This water has many healing properties. This tank and the surrounding places are like a garden with fountains.

2. Bhuma Niketan

This is a sacred place in Haridwar with Lord Shiva and many other gods in a temple complex. It is a theme temple with the meaning of Haridwar as the Gateway of Gods. You can see the sculptors of major Hindu Gods and Goddesses in this shrine. It is the best place to get a blessing from those gods present in one place. You have to reach Saptarishi Marg to see this Ashram and temple.

3. Chandi Devi Temple

This is a famous hilltop temple located at Neel Parvat in Haridwar. It is an important worship place for the women devotees of Durga. It comes under the Siddhpeet pilgrimage in the Uttrakhand. This is an ancient temple, where this goddess is believed to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees. You can view a 360-degree of this valley from this hilltop temple viewpoint.

4. Daksha Mahadev Temple

You must reach Kanhal in Haridwar to visit this ancient temple. It has legends from the Ved Puranas. This is the place, where King Daksha performed some rituals to get a blessing from all the heavenly gods. It seems Lord Shiva (Mahadev) was the only one, who was not invited. Sati the wife of Mahadev jumped in the ritual fire for dishonoring her Lord. Later Daksha released his mistake and invited him. Hence, Mahadev will be present her in the month of Savan every year is the beliefs of the Hindus or the Shiva devotees. A grand ritual takes place in the month of Savan in this shrine.

5. Har Ki Pauri

The holy river of the Hindus is the River Ganges. This river engulfs from this mountainous region to the plain lands from this point. This place has a Ghats, where the Ganga Arthi ritual has been taken since the ancient time. It is a ritual worth seeing during the dawn. You will get salvation after taking a dip in this river water from its Ghats. It comes under the Uttarakhand pilgrim circuit.

6. Mansa Devi Temple

It is one of the temples, which comes under the Siddhpeet pilgrimage in the Uttrakhand. This is a hilltop temple on the Bilwa Hill, Haridwar. You can reach her by the cable car. This goddess is believed to fulfill all the desires of her devotees. People visit this temple, ask a blessing from the Devi, and do rituals accordingly. The meaning of Mansa itself is to fulfill the desire.

7. Maya Devi Temple

This is a beautiful ancient temple dedicated to Parvathi the concert of Lord Shiva. It seems few parts of her charred body fell on this ground when Lord Shiva took her body from the Sati kund and roam about the Himalayas. This is a popular ritual place for the women devotees of Durga and the Shivate sect of the Hindus.

8. Sapt Sarovar

This is a mythic place for the Hindus. The River Ganges split into seven streams, where the epic sages in seven numbers did meditation in the Vedic age. Since then this place is sacred for the Hindus. There are an ashram and temple for the devotees to do their rituals once in Haridwar pilgrim tour.

9. Sureshvari Devi Temple

This is a goddess temple present in the wilderness of the Himalayas in Haridwar. You must visit Rajaji National Park to do rituals and get a blessing from this Devi temple. This is an important temple for the women devotees of Durga believers. They will be blessed once they visit this shrine in Haridwar.

10. Shantikunj

This is an ashram and temple on the Ganga Ghats in Haridwar. It is the best place for meditation. You will feel peace after reaching this sacred place. You can view the Shivalik mountain ranges, which will make you feel like the abode of gods.

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