Today we tell you why you should not save on a wedding photographer! Yes, for your wedding, it's logical that you want everything: the perfect location, a designer dress, the best champagne and coolest DJ. Still, it's probably not possible to completely unleash everything unless you're a millionaire secretly! Our advice: Look at what you really think is very important and spend your money on it. One of the things we most certainly find the most important is the wedding photographer. That is why we have put the 10 reasons why you do not have to save on a wedding photographer.

Do not try to save on a wedding photographer
The question how much brides actually spend on their wedding photographer is very common but the answers are so divergent! Now, often, a very large part of your wedding budget goes to a wedding photographer. And yes, you could indeed ask your cousin to take pictures and take selfies to take the pictures and save a few thousand dollars. But photography is really an art and if you aspire to the work of a real artist you have to overcome that too. Therefore, let's see why you (if the budget allows) can go better for a professional!

1 - Memories are priceless!
This is actually the most cliche answer that everyone gives, so that's why it's also the number 1: 50 years later, you'll still have the fun of the wedding photos. If you are eighty and your wedding photo is on the show, then it's nice if that's a nice photo. In addition, your wedding pictures are the only tangible (along with possibly a video) that you owe to your magic day. You have to pay for it!

2 - Sometimes you have to invest to get something for it
You can watch more with your wedding photos than just looking at it. It's an investment, but you can then use them for many fun things like: thank you cards, home mood board, beautiful presents for your parents. Certainly, if you make a wedding album you can show this to everyone with pride .

3 - You pay for professionalism
A good wedding photographer takes into account what you want. Do you want romantic wedding pictures or just humor, spontaneous or journalism? In addition, she knows everything about light drops, the best angles to photograph you of your most beautiful side and they know effortlessly (and invisibly) moving between your guests to take the nicest candid kicks!

4 - Experience is key!
A professional wedding photographer can take pictures at the right moments. You do not have to take different poses for the wedding photo every time because a pro can catch your gaze when it is necessary. The result: a natural picture on which you stand as you really are and where love is splashing. No fake smiles! Plus they have already experienced so many weddings that they really know the most important moments (and less prominent moments) of the day and will not miss!

5 - A photographer makes sure you radiate!
You can relax! Of course, you are the most beautiful day, and a good photographer knows how he/she will best get you on the wedding photo. For honestly, most of us are not in a position to jump if we need to be in the picture. In fact, you often feel a bit picked up and you are not relaxed on the picture! Perhaps you recognize this thinking: "How shall I look, I look charming, did I open my mouth?" Well, here you do not really have to worry about hiring a professional. You can assume that the photographer in question will make you relaxed and give you the tips for the wedding photo. Trust us you will look great!

6 - A good photographer sees the little things
While your attention to the guests and your freshly-hubby or wifey, a photographer is taking photographs of all events. Good photographers are able to capture things that you overlook. Which leaves you through an album and amazes you about all the wonderful moments he or she has been able to understand. Because photographers are really artists. They think creatively what will be nice for the photo. They look around and see exactly where they can do something about it.

7 - Another thing less to think about
Well, at your wedding, you only want to be busy with each other and the guests. Do not even think about how long it takes to get a good picture. With a professional photographer, you will also save time on your own day. Because a 4-hour shoot is really not necessary if you hire a pro. Who knows exactly what's beautiful, how to play with lights, what does and does not work. Easy!

8 - Share your day with the world!
Here in Virginia, there are only a few professional wedding photographers. You can watch them all at All those professional Virginia wedding photographers place pictures of good quality with a nice style and atmosphere. So, you have the ambition to send your wedding photos as Real Wedding ( very much! ) Then a good photographer is a must!

9 - The day on the picture
If you spend so much money on your wedding, you really want to see the atmosphere of your wedding reflected in the pictures. Not only does it mean shots of you and your guests, but also the pictures of the decor you have done the best of your dream dress, of the jaws. In short, you want to see the atmosphere of the day. If you look at your wedding photos later, you must regain the feeling of your wedding and believe us: that's an art!

10 - Price for quality
There is a reason that photography is a real art and why not everyone can take great pictures! One of the main reason is that a good photographer knows perfectly with light. How wedding photographer Virginia do, that's their secret, but it seems like your wedding picture comes from a magazine! And admit, we all want that.

Committed to not saving on a wedding photographer?
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