"Washing powder Nirma, detergent tikiya Nirma- dhoodh si safedi, Nirma se........." wondering why I started with this advertising song. Well, it is simply to remind how catchy this ad was and how this ad has a lasting strike on the viewer's mind. We are talking about the VIDEO MARKETING strategy that has been used by the marketers for ages now and is the next big fish in the ocean. Not only technical, but video marketing also has many more benefits than just captivating the customers. From the age of electronic media to the current era of social media, video marketing is the next big marketing scheme for the marketers and the following are the 10 points that prove it:

1. VISUALS AND SOUNDS ATTRACTIVENESS- One of the most important facts that are visuals that attract the customers and sounds that have an intriguing effect on customer's mind and videos have both of it that results in more views. More views mean more people being aware of the product and thus resulting in a higher chance of sales closing.

2.IF I CAN SEE IT, I TRUST IT- Call it human psychology or something else, watching a product builds a certain sense of trust in the customer's head even though it is on a screen. Watching a description or just about the simple features can generate a sense of trust. If you can build that trust in customers by your video, it will generate curiosity and they will go looking for your product.

3. LET'S GO SHARING- What videos can do that images and text can't is that it is shared more and more. Videos, if they have great content, can be shared increasingly and overall social media platforms. Videos are interesting and provide information and facts without troubling or seeking much effort by the user and thus it is shared more than any other digital content.

4. VIDEOS ARE SEARCH ENGINE'S FIRST LOVE- No matter how many times we fall in love, first love is always special. Jokes apart, well the proverb, however, goes great for google as it loves video content. Video content simply boosts the viewer's engagement and generates their curiosity that leads to more traffic. Higher traffic resulting in improved SEO that ultimately leads to a higher rank in SERPs.

5. FIVE SECONDS ON AN IMAGE CONTENT vs FIVE MINUTES ON A VIDEO CONTENT- Videos take time and more importantly people don't get bored of it if the content is engaging. The simple theory behind this is the longer the video is, more time the customer spends on your pages. It will simply let you know your target customers and also build value.

6. REVENUE HIKE- Video advertising has always been a major influencing factor for customers to buy a product. Videos captivate the viewers and, in a way, convince them positively towards the product that results in higher sales ultimately hiking up the revenue of the company.

7. NOT CHECKING UP EMAILS? VIDEO CONTENTS GET IT DONE TOO- A lot of users don't open up and check the ad emails but if it's a video, your chances are high though. Video marketing thus helps in email campaigning.

8. CUSTOMERS LOVES INFORMATION- Videos provide information on a certain product in the most convenient way possible. Videos about the intro, descriptions, how-to-use, simple hacks related to products help your customer know you better and it ultimately results in customer retention.

9. THE REASON BEHIND ALL THE EFFORTS, ROI- Simply the thing for which all the efforts are given, and why not, what is the benefit of investing loads on marketing then. Well, video marketing has it sorted. Video marketing gives a much higher return than the money being invested in it and that's one of the best beauty of video marketing.

10. REACHES THE INFINITY- Videos can take the views by storm and have the capacity to go viral. You simply can't predict the number of viewers your video can go to and it's not limited to a certain demographic, geographic, or psychographic segment. The reach is unlimited and so are your potential customers. Not every view leads to a prospect but yes, more the views- more the prospects.

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