Businesses that experience a rapid growth year after year are quite rare. Only a few companies find their winning ways while the rest lag behind. The question is how these successful companies set themselves apart from the rest and sustain their profitability. Actually, the key to their success is the use of IT outsourcing in quite more innovative ways than their peers do. There is more to business outsourcing than cost cutting. Successful businesses use outsourcing for far more strategic ends in order to tap into capabilities that they do not have within their premises.

Here are ten reasons why small business IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular.

1. To have more time to focus on the core business functions-

People are happier doing what they do best, and distractions that have nothing to do with their key job functions can be very frustrating. The time businesses spend figuring out their IT functions have a very real opportunity cost. In addition, researching, implementing and fixing new technologies can really frustrate non IT professionals. Thus, outsourcing this business function can free your staff to spend their time focusing on how to grow the business.

2. Network support providers achieve greater efficiency and economies of scale because they are focused solely on IT services. This enables them to consolidate their purchasing power and access a deeper and broader knowledge base. As a result, you can expect them to deliver faster, better and cheaper IT solutions to your business. This translates into cost saving to your business both in money and in time.

3. Reducing cost while controlling operating expenses

Outsourcing your IT department to a network support company goes beyond cost reduction and the need to save your hard earned dollars. In most cases, businesses spend nearly 25% to 50% less by outsourcing their IT department over the cost of even retaining a single IT staff. In addition, expenses related to recruiting, training, vacation and management issues are taken out of the equation through outsourcing.

4. Access highly specialized talent

You are better off leaving the highly complicated and ever changing field of information technology to experts. Outsourcing your business’ IT needs allows you to tap in to expertise that would otherwise be too costly to develop and maintain in-house.

5. Obtain on-demand resources

At some point, every business finds itself grappling with the challenge of growth versus the burden of scaling back. Both instances present genuine HR dilemma when the business relies on its in-house IT resources, more so when these events are unplanned. By contracting a professional IT service provider, your business can easily respond to these challenges without affecting the livelihood or morale of the workforce.

6. Improve productivity

Technology improves the overall business productivity and performance by enabling communication, knowledge sharing and employee innovation. However, this productivity can only be realized through proper planning, implementation and monitoring of technological solutions. The best practices, planning, implementation and maintenance experience allows IT network support providers to successfully deliver these productivity improvements to your business.

7. Reduce downtimes

Even a few minutes of system downtime can have severe ramifications to the business. Thus, maximizing uptime should be your business’ top priority. Network support companies offer planned approaches to proactive system maintenance, security, backup and disaster recovery. Couple these with their remote systems monitoring and round the clock response capabilities and you will never experience extended periods of system downtimes in your business.

8. Realize a competitive edge

Outsourcing your business’ IT needs enables you to utilize the latest technologies that level the playing field in your business’ favor. This is because these companies keep up with the latest technologies through continuous training and real world experience. Their ability to affect rapid moves can give your business a competitive advantage and increase its ability to respond to competitive threats.

9. Attract and retain employees

Your employees want to work in an environment where computers are in excellent working condition, with minimal down times and excellent networks. Outsourcing your IT department allows your business to realize these expectations while attracting and retaining top talents in the industry.

10. Access to otherwise rare vendor support

Most technology vendors barely provide direct end-user support. This can be very frustrating to a small business that makes several calls to customer support without receiving any help. However, by establishing a relationship with a reputable IT service provider, your business can enjoy the privilege of accessing thousands of technology vendors.

In today’s competitive business environment, companies that want success must offer unique products. Outsourcing IT support for business presents your small business with the opportunity to take advantage of highly skilled and experienced service providers without spending much money. With these ten reasons, there is no doubt that outsourcing the IT department is the key to profitability.
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