Immense possibilities await online business in the years to come as per the latest studies made by relevant sources. Well, in spite of the vast and varied facilities that the eCommerce portals enjoy, there are instances when the companies lose billions of dollars. Irrespective of what you are dealing with, you need to know the basic grammar of eCommerce trade. If you have an online store, take care not to make the following ten blunders.

Poor grades of images and product descriptions

Make sure that the products have high-resolution images in the portal. Visual pleasure is a key factor determining the purchase decision. High-quality images have better clarity, luring the customers to buy the products. Provide multiple images from various angles to provide customers more clarity. The product descriptions need to be written in a sophisticated ton detailing the benefits offered to customers. Failure to do so will result in customer turnarounds.

Missing out your contact information

Customers think twice before they purchase your merchandise. They are concerned with the authenticity of the company. If you miss out your contact information on the website, you will lose credibility among your customers. Wherever money is involved, credibility matters a lot.

Complicated checkout process

Customers should not feel frustrated while shopping online. Therefore, you need to simplify the checkout process. Long processes and compulsions to register can turn them off. Let them purchase as a guest, without mandating the formalities to register. It will increase your client base.

Hidden charges

Ecommerce sites should be transparent to the payment processing system. In case you find that the shipping expenditure is higher, be clear about it. Never charge the hidden fees in any form from the customers, it will mar your reputation.

Lack of accessibility

Almost half of the web users access the internet through mobile gadgets. If you do not have a mobile-responsive website, you are closing your portal to half the customers right away. Make sure that the navigation system of the website is equally easy for all the platforms.

Lack of guidance

When the customers do not know how to proceed to the payment process, they feel frustrated and go to a different site; you don’t want this to happen. So, you need to provide step-by-step information in each page about what to do next. It will save the precious time of your customers, enhancing your brand image.

Lack of online marketing
What is the use of having products in an eCommerce site when the people do not know about its existence? Your website must rank high in the search engine results. Apart from the products, you need to focus on popularizing your website via different digital marketing techniques including SEO.

Ignoring customers

When the customers visit the website, you need to interact with them, tailoring their requirements. The chats and messaging system have to be developed for better interaction. No customer wants to be ignored on the eCommerce platforms.

Approaching the wrong customers

Look out for the section of customers you are approaching. You need to present your products in a palatable manner to the right section of the customers. Targeting the wrong people will result in nothing more than your waste of time.

Wrong pricing

If the prices are too high, customers will shift to cheaper alternatives. On the contrary, keeping the prices too low may give customers the thought that you are selling low-grade products. Check out the competitive websites and strategize the pricing policy accordingly.
These tips will probably help you out when you proceed with your eCommerce business.

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