Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and the most beautiful in Spain, without a doubt. Reasons, to visit it there are many, but today, in the blog, we will convince you only with these 10 reasons to visit Barcelona.
It has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. And thanks to its climate, its architecture and its landscapes, tourists want to return more and more times.

Although we do not have to give you reasons to come to visit it, as an incentive, and to give you, in addition, a little envy, in case you still doubt about what place to visit on your vacation, take note:

1. The Mediterranean

The first and most important reason is that Barcelona is open to the sea.

Enjoy the Mediterranean, its breeze, its beaches, the sand, and the sun has to be reason enough for you to come and enjoy a few days in this wonderful city.

2. The architecture

Enjoy the spectacular range of architectural styles that
Barcelona has is a luxury.

The city is simply a museum, the Gothic style, and modernism that cradle it makes it impossible not to come to admire the great buildings it contains, such as the Sagrada Familia, an indispensable place if you visit Barcelona.

3. The gastronomy

Spanish cuisine is among the most acclaimed in the world, its stews, its fish, its wines, its rice, as well as sausages and cheeses, are something that make it totally special.

A good paella by the sea with a glass of wine is the perfect plan to have a wonderful holiday.

4. Fashion

If you are a fashion enthusiast, Barcelona is your city.

You have thousands of spaces dedicated to fashion, as well as catwalks and centers where you can make magnificent purchases.

5. The night

The night of Barcelona is one of the most active in our country, Barcelona has countless places to party, or have drinks, terraces, bars or just go for a walk in the port.

Although, seeing the Agbar Tower full of lights, or the Montjuic fountain doing its show are things that you can not miss the night of Barcelona.

6. The sport

Go to the Camp Nou and watch a game of the Barcelona Football Club, do
water activities or countless routes and excursions so you can visit unique and beautiful places in Barcelona in a city that offers thousands of alternatives so you can enjoy practicing or watching the sport that most you like it

7. Infinity of activity

Barcelona has plenty of leisure spaces, both for adults and children.

Amusement parks, the zoo of Barcelona or the cable car of the port, are some of the activities you can do in this unique and special city.

8. Its museums

Although Barcelona is a museum at the street level, you have a lot of museums if what you want is to impregnate yourself with art.

Take out your artistic vein by visiting the National Museum of Catalan Art, the Picasso Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art
of Barcelona.

Enjoy painting and history immersing yourself in this attractive city ...

9. The music

The spaces dedicated to music in Barcelona are thousands ... From the Palau de Sant Jordi with the fashion concert to the last town hall they have spaces dedicated to music.

Jazz concerts, theater, opera, even in the subway you can
listen to music!

Live music in the streets, in clubs, live music in Barcelona.

10. The views

From the city you can see the mountains, you can see the sea and you can see how magnificent buildings rise accordingly.

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